Pokemon Go Scraps Remote incursion passes

They Bumped Up The Price For Remote Raid Passes.. (Pokemon GO)

Pokémon Ir is finishing its benefit of remote incursion pass almost free, ending a distribution of passes of almost two years. Pokémon Ir announced that it would no longer include a single Remote Raid Pass in its 1 Pakecoin weekly box of articles available for players in the Pokémon Ir Game Store. Instead, a "rotary matrix" of elements will be included in the place of the incursion pass. The remote incursion passes will be deleted from the articles box next week.

These remote incursion passes were originally included in the box as part of Niantic's change to the remote game during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pokémon Ir has slowly reversed several bonuses aimed at promoting remote game over time, partly because Niantic gives great importance to the game in person and community connectivity. During his announcement of the elimination of remote incursion passes, Pokémon Ir specifically cited the desire of the players to play again in person, stating that the company was "excited to play again together in person." The setbacks have not been popular among many fans and Niantic finally turned the interaction distance of extended objects added during the pandemic into a permanent characteristic in the game.

In a subsequent interview by email with Polygon, Pokémon Ir the game director, Michael Steranka, gave more details about his desire to make the players play again in person and said that the remote incursion passes (almost) were considered A detriment for that goal. "Our goal is to change the balance towards the fun of attacking together again," said Steranka. "Sales and discounts are really powerful ways to indicate to coaches what types of game loops should focus on a given time."

However, Steranka said that Pokémon Ir was not getting rid of remote incursions, noting that they were an convenient way to play. "This does not mean that remote incursions as an option will disappear, since we recognize the convenience it gives to the players," Steranka said. "Our intention is to bring back the joy that can only be experienced in person, such as when you caught your first Lugia in a gym in person with your friends."


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