Nintendo Switch could soon be the annoying friends code

Even five years after the release, the Nintendo Switch lacks some important comfort functions. The friends team would also like some features that would make it easier to play on the hybrid console.

3 Annoying FAULTS on the Nintendo Switch & how to FIX them But if you have paid attention to Splatoon 3 in the latest gameplay trailer, you could discover a hidden feature that could come with a future update for Nintendo Switch. Resetera user in Atheerios explains what may come up to Nintendo fans.

Freundescodes in stripped -down form

What can be seen? The Splatoon 3-video shows a almost four-minute district fight. This is an online mode in which the players have to try to color the largest possible area of the arena with her weapons. The team, which at the end of the game, gains most of the area in its color.

Four -digit codes instead of long numbers: Before the start of the round, the names of the participants are shown briefly. But how atheerios noticed correctly are under the names Hashtags with a four -digit number code.

What features the last update for Nintendo Switch can be read here:

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What could that mean? Maybe this is a new friends code system. Other platforms such as Discord use the username and a four -digit number code instead of a long number code to add new friends.

So far, it was only possible to add friends via a 12-digit friends code or via social media on Nintendo Switch. The number code assigned for each account allows Nintendo Switch users to change their names at any time.

If you want to convince yourself what the four -digit number code looks like, you have to pay attention to the beginning of the following trailer:

Splatoon 3 maybe with a "revolutionary" Switch feature

The new system would make it much easier to add friends because, for example, the number of pastures could belong to the past. In addition, it would still be possible to change your username afterwards.

How likely that is that? Since Splatoon 1 and 2 did not have an internal friends code system, it is unlikely that Splatoon 3 will suddenly get this feature. So it could actually be that a new update for Nintendo Switch awaits us in the future that revolutionizes the friends code system.

But as always, we should enjoy such rumors with caution and wait and see what is hidden behind the four -digit number code. At the latest on September 9, 2022, we will probably find out what is behind the four-digit Hastag number codes, because on this day Splatoon 3 appears exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Which variant of the friends Code would you prefer?


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