Blue Fairy became black and bald in the first Pinocchio trailer from Disney

Disney decided to answer the duo of Sony/Amazon with their black and asexual fairy-cross from Cinderella, making a blue fairy from Pinocchio Black and Lysa. She was played by Cynthia Erivo (stranger).

The film was shot by Robert Zemeckis (“Back to the Future”, “Forrest Gump”), Chris Weitz (“Golden Compass”, “Outcast-One: Star Wars. Stories” helped him with the script, but Jeppeto went to Hanksu. The computer Pinocchio and the cricket of Jimini were voiced by Benjamin Evvan Ainsvort (“Ghosts of the Bly Manor”, “Sand Man”) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The main characters were shown in the debut teaser-trailer of the picture based on the fairy tale Carlo Collodi.


Pinocchio will be released on Disney+ in September.


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