Steam Soul Walker, New Reid and Costume Update

Ryan Games announced on the 13th that we have conducted new Reid and Inviquor's updates on Soul Walker, which are served through steam.

Soul Worker New Costumes~ -All Female Character-

The new Raid 'Trezi Fairy' added to this time is a boss 'Ford Rense' of a silhouette that appears to be a butterfly wing, and a normal mode and a four-person can be entered in a hard mode that can be entered only one person. You can earn compensation for up to 9 times a week, and various manufacturing materials, gears, and weapons can be obtained. In addition, the April 2nd update also adds a 'manicity' mode that challenges up to 4 times for advanced users, and provides special compensation such as Costume or Family.

In addition, the 'open-air' and 'Street Runners' costume of the white steam of the orbrease was added, and the birthday celebration Costume 'Beauty Pool Holiday' to commemorate birthday characters was also released. Through this, we can acquire a lily, chi's costume that could not celebrate birthday by the steam, and we will be able to acquire costume through events that have been held on each character's birthday.

Balance was also adjusted. The skill balance of or wins the awareness was adjusted, and for violet ray equipment, a duration of use was added, and the goods consumed when changing the option of broken savior equipment, change to the basic item, drop probability, reinforcement probability, etc. d1. In addition, the "Inventory expansion" policy, which was on sale as an existing cache item, we have been converted to the game item to terminate the sale of cash shops and have been able to purchase.

Finally, we have also added Soul Walker Plus function to replace the benefits that were given in the premium PC room. It is possible to purchase in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and provide additional items (days, weeks, monthly) when playing or more at a certain period of time. Here's a monster / maze resulting experience in experience, 20% increase in Jenny drops by 20%, Maze results reward Jenny 20% increase, increase in Ettel drop rate by 20%, 7% of items drop index, 7% → 5%), the number of times of position limit increases the number of maizes, the first bonus card key item, the first bonus card key item acquisition, the character of the character is an increase in the performance of 200 additional success rate, 50% increase in strength, ) A total of 13 boost benefits are provided such as adding plus dedicated emoticons.


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