SPLATOON 3: The release date revealed in an explosive trailer

Expected for the third quarter 2022 Since February, Splatoon now has a very precise release date. She was announced today by Nintendo, at the end of a gameplay video published by the publisher.


SPLATOON 3: What is the release date?

Announced in 2021 at the Nintendo Direct of February, Splatoon 3 was then expected for 2022. He then clarified his exit during a new Nintendo Direct, that of February 2022 this time seeing the expected game for the third quarter of 2022. And it is in a trailer published today on YouTube by Nintendo that the publisher announced the release date of Splatoon 3.

This video of more than three minutes illustrates a match between two teams, who struggle hard to conquer the terrain with paint. And it was at the end of the match, won by the Yellow, that the release date is simply on an artwork: splatoon 3 will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch on September 09.

SPLATOON 3: New cartridge for this third opus

And if the release date is the main information of this trailer, the latter displays a gameplay sequence that allows you to know what players can expect during the output for the multiplayer mode. One can not help but think what the story will look like, already teased in September 2021. We knew then that the narrative will take place at alterna, a landing of the Cité Claffousse. The story should focus on the origin of the inklings, ink creatures in the heart of Splatoon, but also on mammiferians. In addition, Salmon Run mode from Splatoon 2 will return: cooperative mode should integrate new bosses and new weapons.

A third episode coming out five years after Splatoon 2, and therefore 07 years after the very first episode. And overall, the episodes of saga have often been well received by the press. In JV, the first two episodes are noted respectively 17 and 16: we highlight an original concept, funny and curiously addictive to rich content. Negative point ? The second episode seems only to be a version 1.5. Rebelote for the 3rd episode? Answer as soon as it exit on Nintendo Switch on 09 September next.


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