How to easily capture fortresses in Roblox Military Tycoon

Fortresses in Roblox Military Tycoon can be strong nuts. Nevertheless, there is a good and tricky way, with which you can easily capture any fortress. So that this method worked, you will have to take in your hands sniper rifle Barrett A machine gun Some grenades and armor +50 hp . By collecting these items, go to your garage and jump into the car. Now you are ready to start your mission to capture the fortress at Roblox Military Tycoon.

Capture Fortress in Roblox Military Tycoon

Get to the fortress you want to capture. However, do not come to him too close, otherwise the guards will notice you and shove in you. Equip your Barrett, and then destroy two soldiers with anti-aircraft guns on top of serf towers. As soon as you kill them, pay attention to the guard, standing right above the gate of the fortress. In the watchtower there must be another guard, so eliminate it with the help of Barrett.

How to capture Fortress in Roblox Military Tycoon?

By destroying these guards, use a machine gun to break the gate. Having drawn out the gate from the equation, use your barrett to eliminate the guard on the tower directly opposite the gate. Before moving forward, use Barrett's sight to find enemies that can be hidden on the tops of the towers. As soon as the towers are cleaned, throw a couple of grenades to the flagpole. There is most of all soldiers. Grenades should be enough to destroy them. You can choose the remaining with your Barrett. Having done this, go to the flagpole and stand there until you receive a notice of the successful capture of the fortress.

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