Atlude a countdown around Soul Hackers

The opening of a mysterious countdown on the site leaves little doubt on a possible link with Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, one of the many avatars of the RPG Megami Tensei series. To believe the count as the official Twitter account opened by Atlus, it should arrive at its end on February 21 at 8 pm local time, either from Paris.

In a series of tweets, the account evokes the end of humanity as predicted by Aion, and the need for players to observe and cooperate. Suite, remake or remaster, any eventualities are possible at this point for this dungeon crawler in subjective view, knowing that this title originated on Saturn then PlayStation had already been the subject of a revised and corrected version on 3DS, an episode that Europe had welcomed in September 2013.

Like any good game of the series, the combat system asks for the demons, spread over two rows of three, with a bonus a system of loyalty to prevent them from turning on your back to the worst possible time.

Atlus to Reveal a BRAND NEW Soul Hackers GAME? Devil Summoner Soul Hackers REMAKE or NEW GAME?

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