The setting of the weapons of the war zone can change the meta

Activision is a US video game business. It was the initial developer and independent distributor of this kind of game, based on October 1, 1979, as well as headquartered in Santa Monica, The Golden State. Its initial items were cartridges for the ATARI 2600 video console; Today, it is the 3rd largest distributor computer game, and has produced numerous titles, including Phone call of Task.

With more than one hundred million active players and millions of income, Call of Duty: War zone, a free royal battle of Activision Studios, in collaboration with Raven Software, stormed the world since it released in March 2020. Call Of Duty: War zone offers players the possibility of conquering Verdant, which now takes place in 1984, in hectic and fast battles in various game modes, only or in teams of four players maximum. Despite his raw gameplay, his fun style of play and his need for communication, as well as his worship, War zone has not been without his critics and detractors. Much of the criticisms addressed to developers concerns the lack of balance with the game weapons and the meta sometimes boring. Historically, the game has even been described as unplayable at certain times due to the metal game where weapons such as Aug, DMR-14 and M16 were endemic, because the time to kill or TT was incredibly high and there was not had no real counter..

However, since the last update, Raven Software seems to have struck in the mile because the fans of the game found it well-balanced, just and globally fun. Raven Software intends to make other changes to the game today, with a new update. In addition to minor bug fixes and changes to the booty on the ground, developers intend to balance more specific weapons. In prejudging the changes to the weapons, the Raven Software version indicated that being said, we think we are close to a balanced homeostasis where most options are at the very least viable. Which lets us tackle Time to Kill. The following equilibrium changes are part of our ongoing efforts to increase the TT or at least the individual skills needed to achieve extremes. We ask you not to consider these changes as targeted attacks, but rather as part of a broader initiative to raise the skills' ceiling. »

The most important change has been brought to CR-56 MAX, a long-range automatic assault rifle that is known to strike strongly with minimal decline. Developers have decided to reduce the minimum damage from 32 to 31 for the purpose of making other larger long-reach rifles because they find that the CR-56 MAX has become too much of a basic element in arms shipments. The FARA-83 and Street sweeper were also affected because Street sweeper was considered too effective short distance due to his hip shot accuracy and fast fire rate. Finally, the Bullfrog and the PPHS-41 SMG have been modified because the Bullfrog has been slightly weakened while the PPHS-41, a recently launched weapon, has received a slight boost. The Bullfrog has been targeted in particular because it quickly became one of the fastest deadly weapons of the game.

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Overall, these changes are exciting because Raven Software clearly listens to fans' comments and brings the necessary changes to the meta to ensure that the game is balanced and interesting.

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