Nintendo Switch "Dungeonman Cheese" package version is postponed on July 28. Complexity that sells early access titles with home use

Publisher's chorus worldwide announced on January 17th to Nintendo Switch package version of Action RPG Dungeon Man Cheese to change the release date on July 28th. As it was released March 10th, it will be postponed about four months. Download version is already delivered, but it seems that the circumstances of the development of this work are involved.

Dungeon man Cheese is an action RPG that Taiwan's developer Malaya works. The main character was dead for a certain circumstances, but a man who revived as a zombie by a necromancer girl shimmer. And he aims to escape from a mysterious huge underground complex while being guided by the shimmer.

The facility is a dungeon with multiple environments, and strange demons such as familiar creatures and plants are crawling, and a mighty boss also exists. The player goes through the stages while defeating a weapon and defeating a demon. The feature of this work is to get it as a material when defeated the demon and cook it. And you can earn new abilities by eating the cooked food. However, up to seven types to enter the stomach bag. Let's aim for the capture to combine the capacity to match the stage and the enemy. In addition, materials that can not be eaten can be crafts to weapons and armor. This also has a variety of performance items.


This work starts early access delivery of the PC version in Steam in June 2019. Development has been developed, new stories, stages, enemy characters, and cooking have been added. In addition to the unique RPG element that cooks and eats the hunted demon, a humorous conversation scene with the characters such as the symptoms is evaluated, and 97% are well-received in STEAM's user reviews overwhelming Have been well-received. Currently, it is a situation waiting for the addition of episode 3 as the final chapter.

Under such circumstances, Nintendo Switch version was announced at Nintendo Indie World, which was broadcasted in December last year, and the day delivery started. An example where the title under development is still released in the early access is rare, but the PC version was delivered and delivered in advance that it has not supported Japanese. However, episode 3 is not included.

The release postponement of the Package version for Nintendo Switch announced this time is that it was affected by the episode 3 development. Although episodes 3 themselves are planned to be completed this year, they will start localization and transplantation from there. In addition, it is necessary to use the package version only in the offline environment, and it is determined that the game card should be released in a state of being recorded up to Episode 3. It does not add episode 3 in the update, but it is judged to be released from the beginning. These circumstances seem to have a decision to delay the release time.

Dungeon Man Cheese is distributed for PC (Steam) / Nintendo Switch (early access). Episode 3 is added for free updates as soon as completed. And the package version for Nintendo Switch is scheduled to be released on July 28th. An original soundtrack CD is attached as the first shipping limit benefit. In addition, distribution of PS4 / Xbox One version is also scheduled to be a spring.


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