The Super Bowl 2024 rises in Las Vegas

The venue of the Super Bowl 2024 announced the National Football League on Wednesday. Originally New Orleans had received the supplement, because of the main round since this season, the main round in the NFL came in the NFL, but there was a deadline conflict with the carnival celebrations in the city.

New Orleans is therefore only 2025 hosts for the most of the most than 100 million TV spectators alone in the United States pursued end piece around Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The Super Bowl at the end of the running season is in February in Los Angeles, 2023 is the home stadium of the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale the venue.

NFL awards marketing for Germany to four teams

In addition, the NFL has given four teams of market resources in Germany. The New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs and Carolina Panthers may arrange advertising partnerships in Germany, organize events such as training camps and public viewings and otherwise be active. The rights are initially valid for at least five years, as the league has been communicated on Wednesday. The PATS have a German professional in the squad with the Stuttgart Jakob Johnson.

Las Vegas to host 2024 Super Bowl Germany is one of only three countries in Europe, for which NFL teams have received market resources. Six teams may be active in the United Kingdom in the future, two teams in Spain. The world's greatest interest in foreign rights were on Mexico, there are nine teams from 1 January.

In the NFL, the rule applies that teams are only allowed to make marketing around 75 miles (about 120 kilometers) around their seat.


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