Sure! Sengoku Sangoku Prior registration number 300,000 breakthrough! New Switch and Amazon Gift Ticket Coupon TWitter Campaign is being held! Furthermore, a large feature of a battle system that sweats in hand!

From the in-game Inc. 1 Release, the full-scale three-day strategy SLG app Senior Sang has notified that the number of pre-registrants has passed over 300,000.

Inc. (Head office: Head office: Shinjuku-ku, HTTPS: // December 1 (Wednesday) Released (Wednesday) Release Full-scale Mini Strategy SLG App Sang Stimuli We will inform you that you have over 300,000 people. In addition, we will introduce the battle system to scrape the hotness of the battles.

App Store Pre-registration ▼

▼ Pre-registration execution period ▼ September 27, 2021 (Mon) -20121 (Wed)

★ Official Twitter ★

Release! Number of pre-registrants are finally achieved!

Finally, the release of the Sang, which the release was approaching, registered in many people, and the number of pre-registrants has been over 300,000! Thank you very much, everyone who is looking forward to it!

As a pre-registered campaign bonus, a present for Battle horse is finalized! This will achieve all the goals!

In addition, with the accomplishment of 300,000 people, Magic is also in progress too!

Following the Sang Munich official Twitter account (, and if you rt the 1300,000 people achieved, you will receive an Amazon Gift Certificate for 5 people by lottery! Participation reception will be released until the release date! Please join us!

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What is a Sangokushi

Even in solo play, it can be enjoyed freely in multiplayer with friends, full-fledged strategy SLG The Latest works!

As a monarch that lives a ruler, you will be down to the ancient battlefield, let's follow the name of the namespace while expanding the region of the kingdom, and organize the strongest unit!

In addition, we will aim for the Tenney Unification while adding alliances with other players to the other players who want to make aspirations.

Run the Junta vertical and sideways, let's spread the only supremacy to the whole soil! To the Battlefield of the Farming Architecture History!

★ Official Pre-registration site ★

Twitter follow campaign hit by a new Switch!

During the event period, Sangokushi official Twitter account is followed & applicable post (, and new Nintendo Switch is presented by lottery with lottery!

Holding period: November 16, 2011 (Tuesday) -The release on the day / 31156.html

Featured battle system that sweats in hand!

To strengthen warlords and put the strength, to the battlefield! We will introduce the game screen that will be released this time in detail the battle system that is the great attraction of the game!

It is a Tenney Unification that the Lord aims at Sangokushi Santa ! Let's earn a territory of the day and night with confrontation enemies!

※ The game screen is under development. It may be different from the actual specifications.

The outcome is decided in preparation! In order to grasp victory, first, maintenance of their own army is essential! Myself prepares the cloth and selects the warlords on the battlefield!

Main species are all five types of infantry, cavalry, shielded and even far-distance attacks, with a short-distance attack Tongs will be placed backwards! Also, like Big Woman, it is also possible to rely on your own army from backwards!

Romantic 4 × 3 square! Take an enemy with your own cloth!

※ The game screen is under development. It may be different from the actual specifications.

Warlords are compatible with each occupation, and you can make the war station more favorably by utilizing well.

※ The game screen is under development. It may be different from the actual specifications.

Well, when preparing is ready, the enemy camp is on!

※ The game screen is under development. It may be different from the actual specifications.

It's finally the Machine Fight with the enemy! After that, believe in my army victory and only prayer! On the battlefield of the battlefield, warlords are brilliant with brilliant skills, such as the unique technique of King, etc.

Win a real battle that sweats in hand, and rushes the stairs to the Tenney Unification at a stretch!

Dragon Ball Cursed Images #41

※ The game screen is under development. It may be different from the actual specifications.

Twitter Following & Prior Registration Let's get Magic!

Twitter Following & App Store (App Store or Google Play) In advance registration, you will receive a good game item including a geisha ticket! In addition, the target tweets are RT, and a maximum of 4 people will be presented by lottery!

Period: November 17, 202 (Wed) 12:00 to November 30 (Tuesday) 23:59

Official LINE account opened!

We opened the Sang Shikoku LINE official account that can notify the game information quickly. We are looking for a great deal of friends!

Currently, those who have registered for friends are scheduled to deliver great events and campaign information, and distribution of friends limited benefits that only LINE can only be reached! We look forward to your registration!

You can register your friends in any of the following! ● Scan the QR code of banner image ● Access from URL

In-game if it is online game jp

※ We also include what is being developed for the description information. ※ The contents may change without notice. Please note.


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