Skueni New ARPG Interview with FORSPOKEN developer! I was deeply blessed about gameplay and world view!

Square Enix held a media joint question meeting for the new action RPG For spoken scheduled to be released in spring of 2022. In this article, we will tell you about the contents that we have known at the question meeting. Please see the development process and scenario performed at the same time, the preview event report that explains the game system.

At the question meeting, I told you to talk from Mitsuki Trim and Keno, who serves as a Co-director and creative producer. In this paper, we have classified a wide range of questions, including questions from other media, and classify Stories and Worldviews I will.

About gameplay

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Development Teams Pearl exists as a source of hero Free, and this work goes through the main story centered on Sparta. Because of the setting that it is destroyed other than Spar, the big city is only Spar.

What is the size of World?

Development team I can not say this time, but I am making a wide range of fast actions.

ー It seems that there are various types such as installation type magic and range attack type, but how many kinds of magic are there?

Development team magic types can not be transmitted. It is more difficult to arrange. We are going to fit the player's wide strategy and play style.

ー What kind of system is the Magic Parkour? Is there an element such as strengthening?

Of course, there are also reinforcement elements of the development team moving means, and there is also resource management. In real worlds, it is realized with magical refreshing and comfortable moving actions that are impossible.

Do you have haptic feedback for PS5?

Development Team PS5 As your own enjoyment, the development team also pays attention to the tactile element of the controller. This work is a pleasant feeling of one of the magic.


I think this work is the first game using the Le Luminous Engine, but that feature is how to use this work?

Development Team Luminous Engine enhances procedure features and can now automatically generate natural objects of the map. Thanks to this, it is now possible to focus on the creative. In addition, the improvement point of Final Fantasy 15 is also developed in this work.

ー We also participate in the development of this work many overseas members. Have you ever remained impressive with overseas people?

Development Team Square UNIX Overseas Members were exciting as creators. In addition, it was impressive that I had an opinion from those active in each field. I think that such an experience is reflected in the game that such an experience goes to a different world.

About the story of the world

What is the volume of-scenario? Is there an element such as a sub quest?

Development team game play time is not possible for the game, but a subquest for looking for traces of civilization is provided, and it is a subcontent.

ー The published information is a very impressive game that is a very impressive game, but is there a variety of NPCs such as male characters?

Development Teams Male characters are of course. However, with the aim of fantasy that feels fresh as a launch of planning, women now play an important role.

ー FORSAKEN The word is not good at English, but what is the meaning of this?

Development Team For spoken means I'm attracting to magic. I think that it will surely understand the meaning when playing the main story.

to over equipment because nail felt unusual, what do we'll have the intention?

It is linked to the development team worldview, for example, the setting of the nail is an important culture of Asia. Nails are common to the modern world, and have made nails from the viewpoint of wanting to incorporate common items.

-The song of this work is in charge of Bear Mallory (such as GOD OF WAR (2018) ) and Gary Shaman (such as the BISHOP series), but what kind of composer is in charge, what kind of Was it cast at points?

Development Team I broke up with both music that produces a beautiful and cruel dual world view. I think that it has become a wonderful music that was able to incorporate the modern feeling of New York, who lived in Free, despite a serious feeling of fantasy.

ー Lastly, how long does it look back on the development so far?

Development team is finally released. It was hard to see what to do with new IP only to what to do. Also, I feel that it is unbelievable to have a completion shape as it was involved from the phases to give a proposal. Progress is the last stage of the last and detailed quality. I'm looking forward to having everyone enjoying it!

FORSAKEN is a PC (Steam / EPIC Games Store / Microsoft Store) / PS5 May 24, 2022 will be released. Let's look forward to the birth of RPG!


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