Should Battlefield 2042 remove the specialists and bring back the old classes?

Since the first announcement of the specialists, still before Release Battlefield 2042, these are in criticism. Many fans want the old classes back from earlier offspring. We from Mango therefore want to know of you: Should you be removed and replaced? Take part in our survey.

What is the problem with the specialists? The criticism of the specialists is diverse. For example, it is often mentioned that they reduce the immersion of the military shooter instead of increasing them.

The former classes all had their special range of responsibility and felt more realistic for numerous Battlefield players than the new system.

For many, the principle of Battlefield is to fall as one of many normal soldiers into the battle and not to embody any special figure. In addition, each class also had their own gadgets and weapons, one could move more in the role that one would like to play as a soldier there. The new specialists prevent that because they offer too much freedom. Some also criticize that the specialists actually only have existence in hazard zone mode and to boost skin sales to take additional money. Already in the beta, the appearance of the specialists was made funny, as this group looks identical. Even the novel gadgets of many specialists have nothing to do with Battlefield for some veterans.

Now there are more and more players who wish to recirculate their old classes and prefer to give up specialists. (via Reddit)

We now want to know about you: True? Would you wish that the specialists from Battlefield 2042 are removed and replaced by the old, traditional classes? Take part in our survey.

You can vote: You can make your choice in the survey tool below. The choice can still not be undone as soon as you have tuned.

How exactly do the specialists actually work? Basically, there is still the well-known class classification in Battlefield 2042. However, there are some extensive changes and significantly fewer restrictions on your weapons.

How to Fix Battlefield 2042 Specialists

For example, you can wear a LEG and a rocket launcher despite sniper specialists. Nevertheless, there is still the rough classification in classes, except that there are now several specialists for each of these categories.

Storm Soldier — Mobile Soldier for the Front Provider — Support Unit, also paramedics

Pioneer — responsible for the coarse devices Enlightenment — peek enemies or disturb

But each of the specialists still has their own gadget and design. As a result, they cancel each other and should have their own identity. In addition, every specialist has a background story. So you should feel like your own people.

If you want to know which specialists there is exactly, you can read in our overview of the 10 specialists.


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