[Rank Analysis] Sudden Attack First 2nd in the year, there is a reason for the long run

Black Desert (also Black Desert Online; KOR. 검은 사막 Yeomen Samar Black Desert ) is a sandbox MMORPG of the South Korean designer Pearl Void, which was released on 3 March 2016 in Europe for the PC. In March 2019, Black Desert Online was very first released for the console on December 11, 2019, a mobile version for Android as well as iOS was released.

Diablo 2 Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 rankings: An aggregate integrates leisure collection.

This week the game Mecca Top Rank had a great cataclysm in the top right. The tteuyineun will attack the part of the eye, click anywhere Battlegrounds ranked second for the first time this year. Whether you consider that it was the attack earlier last two to the end of May last year, it climbed onto a count achieved the feat in just 18 months. As well as anywhere, including this week's attack was staged with Overwatch and fierce contention even with the top spot FPS 1 this year, it has opened a gap step by step, and that the future continues to lead in the second half of this year.

Crazy parts directly affect the ranking can be viewed La pass additional matter, which began on November 25 Compensation and discounted item sales. Here are two that showed Diablo bullish whilst the delayed aside the time to launch effective reduction also missing some power than conventional analysis it is crazy indirectly affected. Sudden attack was just a backdrop to take advantage of this situation without losing has many years of effort putting the game to overcome the crisis of 2016 on the right track.

Sudden Attack is an active 16 years, and has defeated many of the challenges Competition apse the overthrow of Sudden Attack '. However, the 2016 sequel to defeat the aftermath, he Nagoya FPS 1 overlaps with the above title was released Rising Overwatch sacred time. After Sudden Attack is tipped interference to reorganize. 2018 to reduce the rack managed a constitutional improvement to clean up the map does not have a user, in 2019 introduced a season pass scheme paid item Sudden Pass was unfamiliar with local time beat the performance of such concurrent users increases.

Sudden Pass has become a factor driving the current sales Sudden Attack. Sudden Attack, based on the path and anywhere revenue has increased 211% 133%, the third quarter than a year earlier in the second quarter of this year. In addition, Nixon has Attack revenue increased 2.5 times forecast will matter in the fourth quarter. This is also a passive character who was well-known figures since 2016 to look at the recent moves may experience these feelings quickly catch the floating figures such as Kim Yeon-koung released in September revived taken place. If the degree of recovery can be seen that the peak level of skills.

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The most dashing altubiteu of new online PC

2 weeks altubiteu a once entering the top 20 according to the re-launch week caught to rise sharply. It jumped a whopping six digits on the stairs 14 and is placed in front of the TOP10 entering. This is the Odin launched in June: The Valhalla Rising since the new highest priority on the market this year, the Odin Considering that multi-platform games that support PC and mobile, PC online alone geodwotdago a unique early grades of new titles It can be evaluated.

Looking at the key indicators altubiteu has increased the amount of available PC room than last week. Last week, the performance indicators that yeotdamyeon banging the fixed audiences to remember altubiteu no less, and this week has confirmed that this is maintained without being interested in Molina game away in the short term. New PC online while almost no one seems to be valid acts stabbed a niche without a title with the similar game configured properly.

In the Black Desert jungwigwon it went after the weak support moves past four weeks had risen above the 5-digit 24 stairs. Black Desert eotneunde increase both the amount of search volume than the Portal and use PC room last week, becomes comes the news that the reorganization of the class that has many users are discussed in winter, which begins on the 15th progress seems to be increased interest in the Black Desert. Black Desert has picked Santa season servers that can grow rapidly whilst the characters as a springboard for the long run, the key is whether winter opened on the 15th can do the job.

In line Hamilton Games New end member has entered the top 49. Equipment Farmington and freedom through the October test to make frozen Diem apse characterized by high character development entered a production-ready. It was last on the 25th formal reservation service began there 100 million people participated in 10,005 days, and indicators to verify that the interest in the game is higher than the estimated indirectly. Heineken slash genre in this formidable Competition is located end member need to see if I can keep a little more exposed to prominence.

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