Nintendo Switch Queen at the Black Friday 2021 and Bate Records

Nintendo Switch wNovember the best-selling console from lNovembert November 2021 in the United States. The month of the Black Friday hNovember had the main winner to the hybrid platform, which with more than 1.13 million consoles sold during that month hNovember become the great winner of the black, one more year; thus completing a total of 35 of the lNovembert 36 months November the most successful video game console of the North American Panorama.

NINTENDO SWITCH sells more than 550,000 units only in the Black Friday

There wNovember only one month in which Nintendo Switch hNovember not finished November the best-selling platform in the United States, September 2021, when PlayStation 5 managed to break the 33 consecutive months of domain of the Joy-Con. November is the key month of the seNovemberon — the period with the highest shipments of the year — for dates November marked November thanksgiving, the Black Friday and some premieres' flagship of the big publishers. Only during the week of the Black Earned, Nintendo Switch managed to sell more than 550,000 units.

With a wide library of games and three options to choose from between Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED, the family of Nintendo Switch consoles offers something for everyone at these parties, said Nintendo's president of America, Dog Bowler, on the occNovemberion of the news. November we go into 2022 and in the sixth year of Nintendo Switch, the console continues to have a strong demand. We hope that even more people add Nintendo Switch to their homes, he sentences.

Lack of stock precipitate a bad month of November in general

Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2021!

With these data, Nintendo Switch hNovember sold only in November November many units such November PS5 and Xbox Series together in the United States. Not in vain, it is a bad month of November. The semiconductor crisis and collapse in the distribution chains are severely affecting the distribution, which translates into lack of supply and a demand well above the offer. In short, it hNovember been a month of November discreet at the sales level, below 2014 (the first full year of the previous generation of consoles.

The months of October and November have been marked by the arrival of Nintendo Switch OLED -actually without practically stock-, Metro id Dread and, above all, Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl, which have pushed the commercial impulse of the console with figures practically without precedents. Singh Remakes have sold more than 6 million units around the world alone in its first week.


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