NFL Recap: Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings 3:17 - Unzählige Fehler

The Eco-friendly Bay Packers are an American football team of the National Football League (NFL) from Green Bay, Wisconsin. The interplay in the National Football Meeting (NFC) in the Northern Department. In 1919, the packers were founded and gone into the American Professional Football Organization (APFA), the later NFL in 1921. According to the Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Bears, they are the third-oldest participant of the NFL. Since the Bears and Packers have actually played given that their initial conference in the same division, there is the longest competition in between both teams in the history of the NFL. The Green Bay Packers are the only group in the United States professional sports, which is not the residential property of a single owner, however heard even more than 360,000 investors. The Green Bay Packers are additionally the earliest group that still plays at his beginning location. In enhancement, the place of the Packers, which opened 1957 Lam beau Area, the earliest arena of the NFL. With 13 champions, the packers were able to win most titles in the history of NFL, of which nine titles before the Super-Bowl period as well as 4 Super Bowls. Lastly, the Packers 2010 won the Super Dish ALV. The prize of the Super Dish is called after the former instructor of the Packers, Vince Lombardi.

The Minnesota Vikings have won the Monday Night Game from week 15 at Chicago Bears 17: 9. The guests benefited from a strong defensive performance and countless mistakes Chicago's.

The Vikings caught the better start and went to Punts on both sides through a 12-yard touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins ​​on Justin Jefferson after about 10 minutes in the game in the game. Jefferson went out of the slot a Corner route and then had only a safety as a direct opponent. Then Corner back Cameron Antler forced a fumble against quarterback Justin Fields, which the Vikings conquered. This was followed by a 37-yard Field Goal of Greg Joseph at the start of the second quarter — a sack of Robert Quinn against cousins ​​at 3rd down prevented worse.

The guests do not punish another lost fumble of the Bears. Rather, the Bears remained enough time for a Field Goal on the end of the first half for a field of 34 yards by Cairo Santos. And then Chicago remained happiness Hold, because the referees suggested a clear holding of Marquis Christian at Jefferson at a Deep Ball of Cousins. Jefferson went to the ground, so Bears-Safety Deon Bush had easy game for an interception. Points get Chicago then but no more, because a 49-yard field-goal trial went wrong — also because defensive Tackle Alvin Tomlinson had the hand on the ball. Pause level: 10: 3 Vikings.

After a breadless stake series of the Bears at the start of the second half, the Vikings laid a nearly six-minute drive, which promoted them to the Red Zone thanks to a personal foul penalty against Edge Rusher Travis Gibson after a stop at 3rd down. There, cousins ​​then found Wide Receiver Herren Smith-Marsette for a 7-yard touchdown pass thanks to a refined play design: Smith-Marsette ran a simple Corner route from a tight formation, but no one had him on the note, because The defense concentrated completely on Jefferson, which was set up in the backfield and ran an angle route towards the post and ultimately acted as a perfect decoy.

Subsequently, a bizarre sequence followed at the end of the third quarter. After a long punt of Bears-Punter Pat O'Donnell promised Returner K.J. Osborn The Ball, which he then had to take on his own 2 and ultimately stopped at the 4. The Bears then succeeded in a stop and the Vikings punted at their own 13 at 4th and 1. The Bears then succeeded even, said Punt, so that you get the leather back on the Vikings-30.

Bears leave numerous opportunities

However, from this advantage, the households did not do anything. Rather, they underlined their own Childlessness with a failed 4th and 1 on the 21st Fields was stopped after Play Action — without back in the backfield — ultimately stopped by Edge Rusher DJ Won in the backfield by sack. But that's not enough, because after another short series of Vikings, replacement Punt-Returned Damien Byrd — specialist Jake em Grant made the game before with a brain shake — a muffed punt, which the Vikings conquered. It was already the third turnover Chicago's in the game.

After that, the vikings once again punted and then stood with two staff fouls on Fields — for a hard hit against the QB after a slide linebacker Eric Kendrick seven flew away from the square — even in the way. In addition, the Bears awoke a little and Fields brought on a few longer passports, so the households suddenly even returned to the 7-yard line. However, they did not manage to the end zone, especially since Corner back Patrick Peterson crashed two passes towards Cole Met and Jimmy Graham. In the end then Darnell Mooney landed at 4th Down hair sharp in the off and thus this series of the Bears also found a sudden end.

In the episode, the vikings turned at the clock and even stopped a red-zone trip of the Bears. With the final play of the game, the Bears then managed a touchdown — a 19-yard pass of Fields on Jasper Hosted, who had no influence on the game.

Minnesota Vikings Top Plays vs. Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football

Chicago Bears (4-10) — Minnesota Vikings (7-7)

Result: 9:17 (0: 7, 3: 3, 0: 7, 6: 0) Box score

Bears vs. Vikings — The most important statistics

Cousins' Touchdown Pass on Jefferson in the first quarter had 12 Air Yards. Thus, Cousin now thrown 6 TD passports on Jefferson, which flew at least 10 air yards. These are together with the Duo Burrow-Chase (Bengals) most in the NFL this season. At Cousins' Second TD Pass on Smith-Marsettes, Snap Corner back Kindle Victor and Safety Marquis Christian were the nearest defender. But both concentrated only on Jefferson in the Backfield, so Smith-Marsette ultimately had at the catch in the end zone loud next Gen stats 6.3 yards distance to the next defender.

The Bears reached the Red Zone five times and made only 9 points. Cousins ​​came to 87 yards (12/24) — the fewest he ever put up in an NFL start.

The Star of the Game: DJ Won (Edge Rusher, Vikings)

The offense of the Vikings did not necessarily tear trees in this game, but the defense presented himself in strong constitution and millum outlined. He led his team with 3 sacks, 5 pressures and 8 tackles, making it lose his best game ever since he came to the league in 2020.

The Flop of the Game: Matt Nagy (Head Coach, Bears)

Nagy is responsible for the overall performance. And how his team presented, was all offensively simply in dispensed. The team worked largely scheduled and that goes back to him as a play caller. Everything was conservative and calculable, Fields was barely used as soon as a year in his strengths and was correspondingly ineffective. In addition, these were countless mistakes — the speech is of 3 turnovers and of course 4 personal punishments — one of them even against Nagy themselves. Thus, Nagy's time in the Windy City should be over soon.

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Analysis: Bears vs. Vikings — The tactical panel

The Bears got back for the first time since the 8th of November Defensive Tackle Again Hicks. And that had direct influence on the play calls of the Vikings, especially in the Run Game. When Hicks stood on the square, the vikings rather sat on Outside Zone Runs. On the other hand, Hicks was on the side line, also runs were chosen by the middle.

Keyword Play Calling: The Play Calling of the Bears fell back into the care of Head Coach Matt Nagy, as offensive coordinator Bill Labor did not have to be available with Corona. And Nagy was just ongoing at the beginning and often relied on early-down runs, which were expected to be rarely effective. In addition, Fields generally threw very short passports — Screens and Underneath Routes — who were always far from the marker. Only in the fourth quarter it became better than to increase the pace. But the encounter was basically decided.

Likewise — and that is not a particularly new finding — let the Bear's play designs miss that would exploit the strengths of QB Justin Fields. He was rather used as a classic Pocket Passer, as at the beginning of the season, it lacked the designed Run moves or at least more bootlegs. If Fields did himself, then these were more spontaneous scrambles.


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