Netflix in January 2022: Which highlights begins the new year?

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What are your favorites? What will you definitely look at? The program trailer helps with its highlights to find a few real delicacies on Netflix, which could otherwise be missing. For example, you can watch all previous movies of the Harry Potter series — be it the movies with Harry, Hermione and Ron, or the new fantastic animal beings strips!

Do not feel like? Then maybe the legendary comedy series The Office is something for you. Personal recommendation from the editor: The fourth season of Ozark also starts in January. And whoever is more on action: John Wick 3 also lands on Netflix, so you can look at him, Before in May part 4 of John Wick is coming.

New on Netflix January 2022

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts | First Look Teaser | HBO Max

You will find the following movies and series in the Netflix catalog in January 2022:

Fantastic animals and where to find them — from 1 January 2022 Fantastic animals and where to find them: Grunewald's crime — from 1 January 2022 Harry Potter (the complete movie series) — from 1 January 2022 Power Rangers Dino Fury | Season 1 — from 1 January 2022 3 angels for Charlie — from 3 January 2022 After Life | Season 3 — from 14 January 2022 The Office (U.S.) | Season 1-9 — from 15 January 2022 Linden berg! Do your thing — from 16 January 2022 Hands off! | Season 3 — from 19 January 2022 Ozark | Season 4, Part 1 — from 21 January 2022 Munich — in the face of the war — from 21 January 2022 John Wick: Chapter 3 — from 23 January 2022 Showpiece | Season 3 — from 25 January 2022 (weekly new episodes) The Sinner | Season 4: Percy — from 26 January 2022 The Woman in The House Across The Street From The Girl in The Window — from 28 January 2022 Angry Birds: Crazy summer — from 28 January 2022

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