Churlinov: properly used an absolute profit

At its three previous starting field sets for Schalke 04 Dark Hurling was used on the right side, in a sense as an outer chest in the 3-5-2 system. At the 3: 1 against Fortuna Düsseldorf he got the field sets note 3, at the 1-0 against Paderborn a 3.5 and at the 1: 2 against Karlsruhe a smooth 4th against the 1st FC Nuremberg, the Nordmazedonier now became a player of the Game (Note 2).

His convincing appearance is closely related to the position on which he was used this time — and on which he feels most comfortable after his own statement. Simon Eroded and Marius Butler both fell out again, so there was space in the attack for Hurling. In view of his convincing appearance, it has been seen on what the offensive virtual fluid borrowed by the VfB Stuttgart is capable — if it is used on the right position, and not to serve as a right-back.

Ball loss before the 1: 1

Although Hurling's ball loss resulted in the interim balancing of the Nuremberg by Fabian Feinberger (49.), which makes deductions in the field sets-touch inevitably, but overall the attacker with the street football gene was the 4: 1 success of one of the winches. Already his preliminary work for the 1-0 leadership hit was excellent, cold-cut his rest at the preliminary decision 3: 1 (85th) when he kept a clear head as he formulated it later.

Darko Čurlinov - Welcome To FC Schalke 04 ᴴᴰ

It took longer than I had introduced that.

Dark Hurling

Hurling celebrated his comeback after a shoulder injury, which was not without being: it was a torn ribbon. It took longer than I imagined that, Hurling said, who is pleased to train and play again without pain. The fact that nothing stops him on his development, neither pain nor position, he proved with the performance against Nuremberg.


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