Battlefield 2042 EA official is apologetic in the official delivery, EA official is apologized-Release commemorative event of many famous entertainer and distributors

Electronic Arts apologized for the unfortunedity that occurred at Battlefield 2042 release commemorative delivery release commemorative delivery-entertainer & streamer mixing confrontation ~.

This delivery broadcasted on November 20, in addition to a number of streamers, SHAKA, STYLISHNESS, comedian's Medical Lovely, Nova Crystal and Murasaki, Yvonne, Hasegawa, E-SPORTS Caster Ouija Was appeared and played a mode that can be experienced with Battlefield 2042.

However, in this delivery event, there were many comments that criticize electronics arts, such as various technical issues and participants, and criticizing Electronic Arts in Twitter and YouTube.

Today, 11 days have passed since the broadcast today, apologies will be released from the Battlefield series Japan official Twitter account. The quality of the game was responsible for its own responsibility, and apologized for the talent, influencer and watched community.

This work will be released the future for future updates. We plan to resurrect the server, resurrection of functions existing in past work, and balance games.

BATTLEFIELD 2042-PS4 ~ ~ ¥7,118 ~ → ¥5,771




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