After the world destroyed Survival Savigation Da-Ahtmas-Rusting Planet

Sega announced that it will postpone the release date of the domestic PS4 / Nintendo switch version of the domestic PS4 / Nintendo switch version.

This work is a survival simulation where early access was started for Xbox One / Windows in 2019 than Paradox Interactive. In November, a 1.0 update was implemented and the official version was.

Such a Japanese version of this work was announced on October 2nd on October 28, and the release date was announced on January 27, 2022. However, the scheduled release date is undecided in this announcement, and the release date after the change is announced as soon as it is finalized.

Also, according to the official site, the reason for postponement is to quality up localization and game potency in addition to reflecting the improvement content sent from the user after launching in the West.

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Navigation Da-Afterss-Respings Planet- Domestic PS4 / Nintendo Switch Version is undecided for release date and price is 6,578 yen.


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