Uli Hoeneß picks up for all-round jack: 50 + 1, national competition, PSG, player consultant

Bayern Munich s Honorary President UPI Honey has viewed 11 life in the podcast 11 lives in detail on his career as a player and functional and delivered as usual bang-hard statements on a variety of topics. The role of the player consultant, the business model of the Shackles he sees extremely critical, an increasing scissors in the Bundesliga he does not see.

We can not make sure that for the German Telecom of FC Bayern is more important as Borussia Dortmund. We have worked hard for us. We have neither an inherited in America, nor did we win the jackpot in the lottery, he said to the fact that the FCB stands before winning the tenth championship in a row. Should we now stop the operation so that the Bundesliga will be exciting again? Or should we play with 10 men in the future?

Helping to remain internationally competitive, abolition of the 50 + 1 rule could allow for external donors to give a greater impact. I would try to dissolve 50 + 1. Whether this would lead to it in Germany that we get sensible sponsors, he did not know. A redistribution of revenue would solve no problems. The market is not working at the moment only because we regulate them too much over 50 + 1. Since the television revenue in Germany would totally solidarically distributed, Honey By and whole does not look any increasing spread.

The detailed news is here. In addition, Honey has 11 life in the current episode of the podcast series 11, which dealt with his life and career and has been awarded the German podcast price 2021, talking about the following topics.

Honey s craziest sayings:... then he flies to his emir.

UPI Honey over...

... the opening of the Bundesliga for external investors: Maybe the approach would be open. If the Lord (Managing Director and Co-owner of Hanover 96, the Red.), he has four, five Millionaires who are ready to put in a few hundred million cleans and then properly invest. Then I would risk that. So I would agree.

... the difficult role of player consultants: I have seen a list with players contracts, the next year leaving free shipping. There are only the counselors behind it, because the players are practically more or less stopping the contracts And so many unite the existence basis take away. The latest trend is that the player advisors are saying: If you are hard enough and wait and complete the last year, then you can earn the big money. Because that s what the transfer fee canceled, Can we put ourselves in the bag. And that s a very dangerous development. My stomach tells me that this can not go on. You have to worry about how to regulate them legally. Because there is politics made on the back of the clubs. That s madness.

... Bavaria s transfer policy: I have never driven on vacation, if not all transfers were made. We have already told the Hasan (Salihamidzic, Note d. Red.) Also said: So many activities in August I do not think that s good. Because that s most expensive. I had almost something like a hunting fever. If I had sucked into a player, sometimes I did things that were quite unreasonable.

... the location of the Bundesliga: I m not happy, if I see that no more much can happen if we do 1: 0. I do not like that either. One thing is a concern: that The scissors diverge so far. Because the big clubs to keep up internationally, huge buds need, and the little ones can not grow along. At the moment you have the problem that many small towns play in the Bundesliga. Would the big, Hanover, Nuremberg, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Bremen, all play in the Bundesliga, the Bundesliga would be different.

... the ratio to 1860 Munich: They will hardly find someone at 1860, who speaks bad about me. In all the years, I had almost all the presidents — mostly secretly — a very good relationship. This Mar That had just in 1860 in the city of Munich any disadvantages, you can forget — because 85 percent of the Munich city councils are blue.

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... the excerpt of the lions from the Allianz Arena: To date, I did not understand that. If I had something to say at 1860, I would never have done that. They have always seen the Allianz Arena as an enemy picture the fans, also parts of the club. Widower not, but he did not do enough of it. That was the unique chance to meet FC Bayern at eye level, and they have completely messed up and that they were gone out there, Was a great luck for us. But there you are really fault.

... the controversial transfer from Sebastian Dasher 2002: The Dasher deal is as clean as the water on Tegernsee. Taxation has taken place and the money was not a loan, but he has retained the money. We are kept did not go over the border, but you have to go to the border. If you think you can succeed, if you keep the left and right cheeks, then you can play against Bad Wessex, but not against Paris Saint-Germain.

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... esport : Everyone should do what he wants. I can not stand it, because they think they do well. The Luca Toni is exchanged... but in real life the home and is not working on Monday. For me, this is not sports.


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