The flight of Nintendo Switch Online can reveal the next console

Nintendo Switch Online recently added N64 games and Sega Genesis through the Nintendo Switch Online expansion package, which is proving to be controversial, but it is also only the tip of the iceberg. When searching for the files of the new application N64 for Nintendo Switch Online, it was discovered that more platforms will come, or at least that is what seems to be happening. Of course, this has always been the expectation, but until now, there has been no evidence that it is really happening.

In a great filtration of data mining that reveals that the Games of N64 and Sega Genesis will arrive at the service in the future, data miners have indicated that all games listed have ID for each platform, and these IDs are represented by numbers. For example, 2 is SNES, 3 is N64 and 5 is the Sega Genesis. At this time, there is no platform with 4, which, of course, suggests that one will be added in the future.

The initial data extraction of the N64 application is something fruitful, said Dataminer. According to the IDs of the Games, there are at least 38 N64 titles planned for NSO. The list is in alphabetical order, so you can already complete some of the gaps; 37 is MAJORA, 32 is APLASTAR, 33 is CARRERA OLAS, 14-16 is MARIO Party, etc. Mega Drive turned out to be even more interesting. At least 52 here! And if you are still questioning additional NSO platforms beyond these two, look at the first game ID number for each platform. N64 is 3, MD is 5; SNES was 2 years old, you can discover what that means.

Nintendo Talks BIG NEXT GEN Switch Plans & Nintendo Switch Online HUGE Subscriber Amount Revealed... Recent rumors have suggested that the Nintendo Game Boy is the next console that will come to Nintendo Switch online. Other rumors have suggested that the Nintendo Gamecube will be. For many, this discovery of data mining reinforces these rumors, however, it is worth noting that together with number nine, number four is considered unfortunate in Japan, so there is a possibility that it has been omitted by this simple reason.

As always, we will update the situation as it develops. Meanwhile, for more coverage especially everything related to Nintendo, including the latest news, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.


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