[Reader participation type VALHEIM life] A high-rise building that seems to be in Shinjuku is built In the basement of the altar, the unofficial dungeon is...!? Everyone is fun three things

Reader participation type VALHEIM life is a popular project to play with readers who participate in the Open World Survival VALHEIM for PC GAME SPARK Official Discode Server.

Basically, the purpose of this work is to defeat the boss dotted in various places, but after defeating is left to the player. People who participate in the Gem Spa server are freely built buildings, making a dungeon, and have a strange name and lively life with a strange name.

We will deliver the way of life of such a game spa server.

A high-rise building that seems to be in Shinjuku is built

...... Can you hear......?

...... I m a god.

As there was a building that sparkles a strange shine, I borrowed the power and played the gods.

What is the building......

Yes, it is a skyscraper! A high-rise building was finally built in the world of Vikings! Clearly overtechnology!

Transparent crystal wall, a building material of a high-rise building, has the property of reflecting the sunlight, and lines it with a strong light while soring.

This skyscraper is built with the residents of building Gachito cooperated. The architectural level is too different from the writer s digging hut...!

Such a feeling that it is another angle. When it is lined with the next tower, this is not the world of Vikings, but it looks like a development area where countless skyscrapers are built.

It s a name of this building...... OIOI?

Moreover, this building... floats.

Oh, it does not mean that it does not meet the view of the world, but is physically floating.

Since the foundation was found in the ground. If rocks and soils other than the part that is the basis, this is a wondering architecture.

In any case, it is not easy to enter this skyscraper. Where is the entrance?

In the basement of the altar, an informal dungeon......! ?

This is the altar of the elder.

But... Unlike the conventional ones, suspicious light leaks from the floor.

Why is there a dungeon (informal) in the basement! It s a great idea!

Skyscrapers are also so, but the ground-based architectural technology is now Nau at the Gemp Spa Server....

I tried to enter immediately, but somehow spahable spaces were spreading. Suspicious light s true body was the key of innumerable mausoleum....

The meaningful space in the underground of the elder altar is spreading, and there is an atmosphere where some events are likely to occur. An event that kills a killed elder as a zombie....

Valheim life again from the beginning

The author enjoys Valheim at a relaxed pace. In the last world, I was playing with readers and voice chats while communicating, but this time I play in solo. The character also made recreation from the beginning and the equipment was also aligned. Now I am sending a day to look for an iron from home.

The other day, I finally made my ship.

However, when I feel like that material, I m troublesome to collect it, I am indebted to a joint chest in the area around the starting point.

I can not recommend it because beginners rely on these things, but I can not recommend it because I m out of the game, but I would like to start a new Viking life with another world like the author, and the middle-level advanced person can take a moment... I think.

When an expedition from the starting point is an expedition, someone s building was encountered in a unexpected place. This is the best of the trip.

There is a convenient way to make a base, but there are more than one person, but it is far from the area around the attractive start point with the stage selection screen of the high-rise building, meeting place, Lo 〇 man. I am. This inconvenience is fun to reverse.

Progress of this mapping

Last time, due to the occurrence of a thief, a major movement of the residents occurred, and mapping was performed southwest...

This time, mapping is being performed around the south and northeast. Apparently, it seems that a vast continent is spreading south. After that, just go through the continent inland.

Gradually, but it is possible to call the world map!

Reader participation type Valheim life still recruiting participants

Do you also participate in the Gem Spa Server?

GAME SPark Official Discode Server talks about something about something, seeing each other s buildings, or collaborate with Gem Spa server, and I can not taste in Solo Play. I enjoy every day in the atmosphere.

Anyone is welcome if it is not a cheetah or a vandalism. In addition, MOD s kind is prohibited.

Gem spa server participation method

  1. Join the GAME SPARK official discode server .

  2. In the VALHEIM participation application room, presents the STEAM ID and the profile URL (the profile should be published).

  3. Approve because a friend application arrives from Steam ID Ridorido.

  4. After the friend establishment, a message with a password is attached from Ridorido.

  5. Start Valheim and enter the server name high-rise building or enter the password via IP: 29400 and enter a password.

While writing in this article, Gem Spa World has developed, and if you notice it, you had a wall next to your home.

As well as the development of the starting point that is based on the home, the encounter with the building seen on the traveling destination is also attractive, so please join the people who are interested in the Gem Spa server in this article.


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