Overview Trailer for Nintendo Switch Online is the video with most of the channel s disclics

Mario and Sonic in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Gamings (& () at () 2020, Mario Ando Sonikku Attto Tōkyō 2020( Nisen-Nijū)Orinpikku?) Is a flashy video game of 2019 based on the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020. It is a crossover in between the Mario franchise, owned by Nintendo and also the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise business, had by Sega. It is the initial videogame that business make after recovering legal rights after the Mario as well as Sonic video game at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It was developed as well as released by Sega for Nintendo Switch in November 2019, and has a version for Gallery cabins.

Nintendo Switch Online Features Trailer About two weeks ago, Nintendo announced an extension of their online services for the Switch: N64 and Sega Mega Drive title should be ready, even the new Animal Crossing-DLC is there. But when one mentioned the price and confronted fans to Launch with Input Lags and Sound Problems, the initial joy transformed very quickly into trouble.

How dissatisfied fans are really, is now easy to read on the overview trailer for the extended Nintendo Switch (Buy Now 355.90 €) online service. He has become clear to the video with most disclikes of the channel within these two weeks. 17,500 MICKERIG LIKES are more than 125,000 dislikes (as of 1.11.2021, 19:45) - an impressive sight, if not in the positive sense.

Nintendo Switch Online Shub Metroid Prime: Federation Force from the Dislike Throne

Thus, the Nintendo Switch online trailer encountered the previous podium rider from the throne: the trailer for the Nintendo 3DS game Metroid Prime: Federation Force From E3 2015, with the ratio of 11,000 Likes to almost 100,000 dislikes was a real heavyweight.

But the video for the new switch online extension provides Samus excursion in the shadow, and only after loop two weeks. The reason for this are two factors: the price and the implementation.

Why are the fans dissatisfied with Nintendo Switch online?

The basic version of Nintendo Switch Online costs 19.99 euros for one year and is still available individually. Anyone who is interested in the N64 classics can now add this including Sega Mega Drive games and the Animal Crossing-DLC and then ends up at a total price of € 39.99 per year.

In the US, the surcharge is even more powerful: while it was stored very similar for the standard variant with $ 19.99 as with us, the version cost with extension whopping $ 49.99.

But the hefty price is not the only reason for the hail to dislikes. The performance of the offered services, more precisely the N64 games left more than just to be desired. Input LAG and sound problems ruin the gaming experience, key assignments can not be switched and the frame rate also falls more frequently in the single-digit or at least low double-digit area.

What do you think about the many dislikes? Do you find the criticism of service justified? Write us your opinion in the comments.

Source: Nintendo

From Jonas Höger author 01.11.2021 at 20:10


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