Nintendo will not abandon the production of the original or Lite Switch

Nintendo, as well as many other technology companies, is suffering from a shortage of semiconductors and as a result, production of the Switch drastically affected. Despite this, the Big N confirmed not only be focusing its resources on OLED but also in the original model and Lite.

As part of an interview with Bloomberg, Shuntaro Furukawa, President Nintendo, explained the shortage will not go away soon, but the company thinks not completely abandon the production of the original or Switch of the Switch Lite.

We do not plan to focus all our resources on the OLED model. These three models abide to different needs of our consumers. Sales of the original Switch, as well as the Lite model, remain firm even after the launch of the OLED model.

Originally, Nintendo planned to produce about 30 million Nintendo Switch between now and the end of the fiscal year. However, due to the shortage, the company readjusted the figure to 24 million, ie 20% less than their original projections.

Nintendo Switch - OLED Model - Announcement Trailer

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Note from the editor: was expected that Nintendo would not completely rule out support for other consoles. Recall that the OLED Switch, internally speaking, remains equal to the original model, so not all were willing to take the leap to this new hardware.


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