Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Code Fairy Review

The Gun dam franchise is a gigantic saga. As such, some elements are lost in the adaptations of the game. Although it is easy to reproduce the thrill of Gun dam who is exploding each other, we rarely see the focus on history. Mobile Suit Gun dam Battle Operation Code Fairy tries to rectify this by telling the personal story of a single Leon squad. All rooms are in place, but the story does not quite a fatal blow. Fortunately, the action takes over, but it should not have to work so hard. But even if I m not packed by the story, I m pretty impressed by the effort they did.

Banzai NAMC adopts a somewhat new approach with Fairy Code. This game blurs boundaries between anime and adaptation. You are engaged in ranked battles of Gun dam, but they are enveloped in the forefront, generic opening, episode titles and musical themes. In addition, Code Fairy will come out in three parts in the next month. Volume 1 contains the first six episodes, the total number rising to 15. It is a fascinating delivery mechanism, but history is not strong enough. There are many, but the delivery ends up feeling uneven and clumsy. We have been in a devastating conflict for eight months. Victims are measured as a percentage of the total human population. The frame: a small picturesque dormitory shelter the first team of entirely women s operations in Leon. It is a magistrate exercise of whipping the public.

Gundam Battle Operations Code Fairy Vol 1 Review (PS5) Although I do not be convinced by history, I am more invested in the framework and its foundations. We are approaching the beginning of the chronology of the franchise and the protagonist is marked by his personality, as opposed to his Gun dam. The three pilots operate standard stock units, at least at the beginning. Rather than a typical conspiracy articulated on a special Much, we are entitled to a more personal history. These girls are just soldiers, doing their best to survive a series of dangerous encounters. Although the plot is mainly related to light trauma, the separate components are all solids such as the rock. The stakes are actually quite desperate, but you do not understand that without some knowledge of the frame. At least in the old seasons of the series, Leon is the antagonist. These girls are condemned, basically.

Since everyone uses a standard Gun dam in combat, victory depends on the skills and strategy of the pilot. I appreciate the need for a real strategy, but I would like more planning. You have access to many personalization menus before each battle, and all seems superfluous. As long as you remember the details of the training, you will get out of it. Unless you take a complete rocket fly in a blind corner. So you re dead. But every failure is also an opportunity for learning, right? In which case, I did a lot of learning by episode three. You are stuck with a single Gun dam with whom you fight unless you plunge into the simulations. Here you have access to a more varied strategy, but with slightly lower issues. Even if everything is only theater, I appreciated the possibility of changing things.

The story of Code Fairy is told through static conversations, cinematic in the engine and animated extracts. The anime bits are more beautiful in still images than in motion, but they work well. In concrete terms, the multitude of styles makes the story never drags too hard. It is unfortunate that the story seems so insignificant, but at least you are never stuck with an incessant stream of talking heads. I want to love these characters more, but I always feel that we catch the pieces between the actual story. For a game with a high concentration on history, we always have the impression that we rush through the highlights. Maybe the action is supposed to constitute the bulk of the story. If so, why the curious structure of history? Why the episode stops? Why the staggered exit? It s a strange decision to make a story-based game with a safe and digestive intrigue, something you can safely ignore for the benefit of the action.

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To be fair, it is only about volume 1. It is quite possible that things are accelerating over the next two installments. Yet my suspicions train elsewhere. Maybe I m too critical about the story, but it s so strange. It s like stepping a projector on the front of the stage, only to illuminate a machinist who attaches a curtain. If you are a fan of the Gun dam franchise, you will live this game differently. The ambient weight of the decor provides an essential context. We observe the antagonists while they struggle against an imminent defeat. Each glimpse of the Gun dam admiral vessel through the enemy lines arouses a real terror. Yet even this power is used with too much parsimony. The Gun dam franchise is a massive and radical saga whose biggest battles are also remarkably intimate. Colossal wars are distilled in two machines engaged in physical and ideological struggles. So far, this is clearly absent from Fairy code. Let s hope that the next two volumes will find a stronger narrative base.


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