[Maj] sloclap advances the exit of Sifu on February 8 and presents his gameplay in two new videos

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The release date of SFU was finally not so final as that. The Parisian Studio Local has indeed announced that it would intervene earlier than expected: February 8, on PS4, PS5 and PC.


Sifu | Release Update - February 8th 2022 | PS4, PS5 & PC

In the wake of the new release date of SFU, LOCAL broadcast two new presentation videos of its title. The first is interested in the game combat system and reviews everything there is to know how to operate: posture, counters, focus, executions, etc. All by revealing some new enemies and game environments.

Video Gamut

SFU — Presentation of the combat system

The second clarifies a point that remained so far very mysterious, namely the mechanical of aging, central in the slip proposal. The studio thus returns to its operation and its impact on the gameplay, while specifying the usefulness of the Detective Board, which brings together all the discoveries of our hero or heroin on the murderers of his family and their prods.

Video Gamut

SFU — Presentation of the mechanics of aging

After a first postponement of the end of this year in early 2022, then an appointment taken for February 22, Local returns again on his plans and advance the exit of SFU on February 8, two weeks. Earlier. The Parisian studio has just announced it through a short video, mounted from extracts already seen elsewhere and still unveiling a new game environment in its last seconds.

No explanation has been given by society, but the second half of the month of February being particularly expanded — including those of Horizon forbidden West and Elder Ring we imagine that the Developer has preferred opt for a clearance window to ensure the best chance of success.

Video Gamut

SFU — Trailer: New release date


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