GROW: Song of the Egree is a 3D Stardev Valley in which your own town is building

Studio: Prideful Sloth Release: 16.11.2021 Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Genre: Adventure

With Grow: Song of the Ever tree the latest titles from Prideful Sloth, the studio behind Yonder can now: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles experience. It is a colorful, sometimes even hilarious adventure in an interesting world.

In the center of the action and the game world of giant More and tree stands. On whose branches little different worlds that only overflowing with life so were long ago. As the mysterious drought represented by huge, studded with thorns vines, made the worlds uninhabitable, fled the inhabitants inside. Our main character created is taught in the arts of alchemy and is the last hope of the world. Early in the game we plant a seed world and help one of the worlds so to life. Gradually we give up there and start planting all kinds of plants.

After some time the first people then end up back in our small country. In order to persuade them to stay, we are building small houses and shops that we can give them. Each inhabitant in has its own preferences, we have to take care of. It piece by piece grows a real little city that we can set freely according to our preferences.

Grow: Song of the Evertree - 3 Reasons Why You NEED to Play This Game (Mini Review) What makes Grow: Song of the Ever tree so special?

In Grow is a very leisurely game. One day we plant a seed one, then we return several days to weed, and the little flower has grown to pour up from a tree.

The daily one hand is divided into work in the worlds we reforest and in which we find resources, and secondly in the urban planning. While the former works very meditative, and its just fun to see the little progress that one makes, provides the latter also plenty to do.

Residents are each randomly generated internally, both in their appearance and in their preferences and desires. To meet this, we are expanding the few houses at the beginning gradually a really cozy little town. The story, in which it is all about the connection between the worlds and its people, leading us loose the hand.

How Grow looks in action, which you see here in the trailer:

Who Grow is: Song of the Ever tree useful for?

Fans of Animal Crossing or Star dew Valley should even look up the title well. The speed of play is very similar and just like the other two games to open the game step by step, so there is always something new to do.

Although small, random-based stories are not enough of a Star dew Valley zoom, but the overall story maintains very good. Who wants to have a go at the relaxed mix of urban development and farming can do so since 16 September on the PlayStation, Xbox, the switch and on the PC.

Editorial verdict

Jonas Herrmann

Grow: Song of the Ever tree has with long stretches very much. A bit involved with the story must be total, and the game does not look as polished as comparable titles. However, the mix of relaxed gardening and creative urban development makes a lot right.

Residents indoor growing a fast to the heart, especially when equipping them with all kinds of sunglasses and hats. And to stroll after work through the self-designed town, in which a lot going on and continues to grow, is a very satisfying feeling.


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