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The Twitch streamer Marcel Montana Black Eris (33) and Lilian ban on dancing Heinrich (24) in the past, the problem gambling and casino have discussed in a stream. Now came to dance ban live stream again the subject. Then there was a chain of reactions: It ended with an angry announcement of Lilian and a response from Montana Black.

What started the discussion In the past, there was a discussion between Montana Black and ban on dancing in live-streaming on Twitch, where both sides have expressed a clear position?:

Ban on dancing was against casinos, saying that Montana Black was already addicted to it in some way. In addition, a role model for fulfilling its young viewers. Montana Black said he saw no problem is to have fun times in casinos. Not everyone is directly dependent, and he knew from serious addictions because he was already addicted to alcohol and other drugs.

The debate dragged on with various discussion points over 90 minutes back, and she was monitored live by more than 100,000 spectators.

Thereafter, each recording of this discussion has been deleted. Montana Black insisted that none of this will upload on any platform. He had to run the casino debate so many times that it was not necessary again. Then there was silence spoke to the debate, to ban on dancing in a live stream once more.

dance ban criticized Montana Black, Croat and Real Jazz streaming LIVE

On November 13, the official live stream highlight Channel invited dance ban high a video on YouTube, which contained criticism of Montana Black and his colleagues Real Jazz and Croat.

Jazz and Rohan are also Twitch streamer that playing for some time now with Montana Black and have become known through the GTA Online -Role play with him. Rohan also one of the biggest current streamers in Germany.

Here ban on dancing brought to the following criticisms:

Montana Black took Rohan with the casino to gamble there only 400 euros. Ban on dancing notes that that would not only 400 euros. One should not lose touch with the money, even if you have plenty of it. He felt it was bad that in 2 hours, such a high amount money was spent. Montana Black there should not set an example, as it would be normal to just go with 400 euros to the casino and gamble it. He would set an example for its viewers. Dance ban said he had once lived even 400 euros for two months and stressed how much money it was. Rohan have now indeed get through GTA online quickly a hype, but once that was over, he had to be careful that he does not lose its audience. Rohan should pay attention to his money and not squander it, you never know what ll be. Rohan and Jazz are very cheeky, had a big mouth and would play too much, just because they are now larger and have a hype.

reaction of Montana Black on dance ban Livestream criticism

Two days later, on 15 November, Montana Black responded to the criticism in a live stream on Twitch. Properly Bock had he not had to, so Montana Black, but the chat vote for it, and he was persuaded to comment on the statements of ban on dancing.

A compilation of the versions of Montana Black was then uploaded to an official highlight channel of Montana Black on YouTube.

Here Montana Black following responded to the criticism:

The ratio of the merits of the people is decisive for how much they spend in the end. The more you earn, the more he can also spend. Whether to 400 euros in expensive clothes, cars, food, or just the casino put is entirely irrelevant. Everyone could do with his money what he thinks is right. Montana Black brought as an example dance ban consumption of food: if the ten weeks to order the food, he will pay for food delivery, a sum that a low income can not afford. He also defended his colleagues Rohan and Jazz, they had previously already had a big mouth. That would dance ban just did not notice because they were no large streamer, and he had not thereby engaged with them. Montana Black went with Rohan the casino and was there with him 400 euros, because the Rohan was just feeling at the moment and that is rightly so. Furthermore, Rohan was already previously pursued sports betting and casino visits. In addition to dancing ban, according to Montana Black, an undertone of envy and resentment have had with the critics. Sooner Montana Black had even given him a hype because 3 euros he had ban on dancing then donated with a provocative message. The regret Montana Black today and called it a mistake. Ban on dancing responded to the 3-euro donation that time with a video, which posted on YouTube a million views.

applied ban on dancing, making loud announcement against Montana Black

Turn ban on dancing felt by the reaction attacked, made out a loud announcement video in the forest and put it on YouTube.

He stressed it clear that Montana Black was responsible for its size as Influencer not solely, and he did manage itself to be such a big content creator.

Only the large streamer Urge the law must be taken out to say that he had made large dance ban. Since Urge attacked him during a project for a long time under the arms and dance ban owe him about 300,000 subscribers.

In the video, dance ban addresses these topics:

Ban on dancing apologized first at Jazz and Rohan after it was against not neutral them. He had not previously dealt enough with them. It felt for ban on dancing like that, as if it were and to Montana Blacks mission his career badly persuade him look bad. He felt it was unfair that this reaction was uploaded, but the former discussion should not be made public. He believes it was because that Montana Black is not as good fared in the original discussion. Montana Black invite only videos and react to things that make him appear in a good light. Ban on dancing emphasized again that one should not lose touch with the money despite the wealth. One should see the 10 euros 10 euros and not seen as worthless. Just Montana Black should know that, as he was for a while homeless and poor. He was the last person who would be jealous and envious of others, just this criticism of Montana Black m bothering him, so he was not. Ban on dancing casinos referred to as the devil s work. He hates these institutions, they destroy lives.

reaction of Montana Black on dance ban announcement streaming LIVE

Montana Black responded to twitch on the announcement video, saying beforehand that he had probably not gone quite as neutral in the previous response, which he wanted to change in this reaction but now. He is owed Lilian.

Previously Montana Black showed a message history between him and dance ban from Instagram, in which he asked ban on dancing, whether they are not easy to love again. He sent the message long before the appearance of announcement videos.

Montana Black ve been thinking beforehand about his reaction to the live stream of dance ban and has partially done him wrong and reacted too strongly.

That said Montana Black for announcement video from dance ban:

He apologized for he told indirectly, he was responsible for dance bonds success. MontanaBlack pointed out dance ban on not to generalize everything. Not everyone is immediately addicted, who enters a casino. He looks at the casino as a means of entertainment and not as a work of the devil. There are also people who are held by the games as they can watch streamers as they put their money in online casinos. They are certainly quenched partly because they see how often they lose. However, if you have a certain inclusion to seek and can not control, then there is the danger that man the hand of the devil grabs, so montanablack.

Dr Disrespect BANNED by EA and Blames Twitch Anyone who slopes in the casino is responsible for themselves. Not himself and the streamers who play online casino are guilt, but only the one himself. For Montana black, a casino is what for dance ban probably holidays and chic food is simply pleasure, but he was not addicted for a long time.

As far as the money is concerned, Montana black partially coincides with dance ban. He says that his whole life was already far from the reality:

People stalk him. People order food to his grandparents. Fans even shouted in his old hometown of Buxtehude to get his address out under the pretext, they wanted to inform him about the risk of possible infection with Corona.

Accordingly, he no longer sees his money with realistic eyes. The 33-year-old earn so much money that it was only printed paper for him. Of course, 400 euros were no longer what they used to be for him as he lived in the street.

Now about 200 euros for Montana black are what 10 euros were back then for him. He throws in between that he was even happier as a homeless one even happier than now, with tons of money.

Finally, he offers dance ban to talk to him privately. He would like that as the only right solution and one would no longer be in public. He would like to clarify that, so that there is no thick air between the two. However, the ban on dance has not been publicly expressed to this offer.

How the whole discussion goes on, therefore remains to be seen.

Montana black wants from Germany: That s €400,000 more on my account


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