We compare Nintendo 64 games with which they have arrived on online switch

Nintendo Switch (ニンテンドースイッチ, Nintendō Suitchi) is a video game console produced by Nintendo, succeeding the Wii U. This is the first hybrid console in the history of video games, which can also serve as a console. living room than portable console. Announced under the name NX on March 17, 2015 during a press conference, formally presented on October 20, 2016 and shown in more detail on January 17, 2017 during a live presentation, it came out worldwide. March 3, 2017. It is in competition with the Xbox One then the Xbox Series of Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 then the PlayStation 5 of Sony.

The arrival of several Titles of N64 to Nintendo Switch Online has been cautiously received by many users after a few problems have been seen.

To what point are those errors certain? For here we leave you, a comparison and our own impressions after having tasted some games of this new catalog.

As you have been able to see, the new range of games available to Nintendo Switch Online improvement remarkably on the visual with respect to the original titles.

The improvements in results feel very well to the faces of Zelda Ocarina of Time, the contours of the scenarios and transmit a greater visibility and brightness in as many games.

However, emulation work is still being polished in a few aspects. It shows Imput LAG, so the gameplay is affected greatly.

The titles do not become unplabable, but a loss of the game experience was accused. In Super Mario 64, coordinating the jumps of the plumber is nothing simple.

On the other hand, Games of Sega Mega Drive do not have problems and we have not noticed the faults or limitations that are appreciated in the works of N64.

We hope that with time those errors are solved and more games are added to the catalog a little more attractive, for now something lack of experience, of this new expansion pack.

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N64 Games On Nintendo Switch Online - The GOOD And BAD!

Here you can see some of the failures that have experienced a few users during the first days after the release of everything new that has come to Nintendo Switch online.


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