Video shows how poor Zelda Ocarina of Time is emulated on the switch

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The expansion package for Nintendo Switch Online has been online for a few days, and the community is not exactly pleased with the offer. On the one hand, we have to pay twice the price if we want to access the N64 and Sega Mega Drive games. On the other hand, however, Nintendos s own titles on the switch run everything but round.

That s how Ocarina is on the switch compared to the N64

The YouTube channel ElanalistageEbits opens the Switch and N64 versions of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in an extensive comparison video. Actually, you should think that the title cuts better thanks to the superior hardware in all categories on the switch, but far from missing.

How can that be? The hardware skills of the switch have nothing to do with it. Instead, the mistakes are probably mainly due to the poor emulation. The portal ScreenRant believes that the Switch online version of Ocarina of Time is based on the Japanese original and therefore there is problems.

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In these categories, the original is better: In terms of resolution, Zelda wins on the switch - Locker. But that s no surprise. It is funny, on the other hand, that the frame rate is either the same or is even better at the N64. There are also some graphics errors, such as wrongly rendered fog. The better dissolution also brings with its own problems with them and exposes some weaknesses that were less conspicuous to the original. However, this phenomenon is almost all ports of old titles.

Here you can make a picture yourself:

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There are even more complaints about the N64 games

Unfortunately, it does not listen to the described problems. Besides the poor emulation of the N64 games also lack key features that could be delivered without much additional effort by Nintendo.

On the one hand, you can not customize the button assignment of the controller. Those who wish to no classic controller set must expect some very hakeligen control.

missing Secondly in some titles the German language edition. Children or people with not so good English skills so must unpack the lexicon.

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