Trust presents its new range of GXT speakers: high quality sound with great design and RGB lighting

All those who love electronic leisure We know that a fundamental part when it comes to enjoying any audiovisual experience, whether videogames, series, or movies, is Having a sound quality at height.

Aware of this need, Trust, reference mark of digital accessories, has created its new range of Gxt speakers, which is focused on the world of gaming and stand out for its attractive design, in which a care is exceeded Dynamic RGB lighting .

As always, Trust has thought about the needs of all user profiles, so surely you can find the best speakers for your setup . We present them!

GXT 629 Tytan - powerful sound with a design adapted to the world Gaming

Speakers GXT 629 Tytan have an overwhelming bass power, high quality sound and an amazing design adapted to the world of gaming and in which it stands out its RGB lighting , which changes the Way to experience the sound, either playing, listening to music or watching movies, which allows us to enjoy all the sounds of any content.

These speakers not only intensify the reproduction of powerful sounds, but it is also an explosion of color, thanks to the dynamic RGB lighting with subwoofer LED , combined with matte black satellite speakers and it fits perfectly With any settings for gaming.

Also allows you to choose between 7 pure colors synchronized with the bass (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, light blue and white), or you can even choose a variation of all colors thanks to light rotation, which It also synchronizes with the bass of the sound source.

Satellite speakers provide exceptional sound quality in middle and tall tones, as well as a maximum power of 120 W . This, together with the wood subwoofer provided with a 7-inch speaker, which provides great depth to the sounds of the game, ensures a total gaming experience.

How To Set Up: GXT 698 Torro RGB-Illuminated 5.1 Speaker Set Finally, it incorporates an intelligent management system that allows you to save energy, thanks to it automatically switches as standby when it has not been used and automatically turns on when the user resumes the game.

GXT 629 Tytan speakers have a recommended PVP of € 119.99.

GXT 635 RUMAX: Stereo sound and multiplatform connection

The GXT 635 RUMAX speakers stand out for their Stereo Sound 2.1 with 80 W of maximum power (40 W rms), but also by their bore thunders, from a 5-inch subwoofer.

These speakers allow you to customize the sound to the user s taste and are equipped with multiple RGB lighting zones , so that the speakers achieve a first quality audio experience with a personalized visual experience.

This is achieved thanks to the fact that the front and unit of each speaker are illuminated, and even include an RGB LED on the back of each satellite that projects light to the outside, creating a spectacular atmosphere, for example, on the wall, and thanks to their RGB rotation effects in 6 predefined light modes.

Finally, the Rumax of Trust have multiplatform connections : HDMI ARC, optical connection, 3.5 mm and Bluetooth , thanks to which we can launch our audio from a mobile device wirelessly.

The GXT 635 RUMAX speakers have a recommended PVP of € 119.99.

GXT 606 JAVV: compact design and camouflage print

The GXT 606 JAVV TRUST are 2.0 speakers that have a power of 12W, a forcefulness that gives the best of itself thanks to the compact and daring camouflage pattern design that these speakers have.

This great combination attached to some colorful RGB lights convert these speakers into a device that stands out in any space where they are located.

The design in gray tones rests on very resistant materials, such as the metallic grid from the front of both speakers, which ensures great durability.

Finally, the TRUST 606 JAVV JAVV allows you to choose any type of light configuration thanks to its LED RGB , which can be easily turned off by touch control at the top of the speaker.

GXT 606 JAVV speakers have a recommended PVP of € 24.99.

GXT 609 ZOXA: 12W power and designed for any space

Thanks to its stylized design and the subtle RGB lighting, the speaker game Speakers GXT 609 ZOXA TRUST are a more elegant complement for any desk.

In addition, this stereo speaker game is easy to use and does not even require a wall outlet, as they feed directly on our PC, and all with a maximum power of 12 W (6 W RMS).

For its Modern and elegant design , they are speakers that fit in any kind of space, both the one that is dedicated to work, and in the space we dedicate to play. In addition, the ZOXA speaker set includes a subtle RGB lighting with 6 different modes . Yes, they have a minimalist design, but their performance is excellent. The GXT 609 ZOXA speakers have a recommended PVP of € 29.99.


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