These Trust accessories will help you avoid Halloween s own scares

Almost always we talked about the nightmares of Halloween we are taken to the head, sinister creatures, bats that suddenly burst to paralyze the heart... but, have you ever considered that in this dark night we can also take us Some scares Gamer of Aúpa?

Tranquil, you can stop looking at any eye from your desk, since Trust, Reference brand in digital accessories, has been charged to analyze all the nightmares that can torment a gamer and, Most importantly, they have found a solution to avoid them.

Ready to stand against terror?

MUSTON GXT 960 GRAPHIN: Think fast, shoot first... just in case

One of the main fears that a gamer can face is that its main weapon, the mouse, fails at the highest moment of the game, either lose the connection with the PC or showing symptoms of malfunction, as involuntary displacements.

In order to anticipate this fearsome situation, it is necessary to have a mouse that has an advanced configuration and an optimal pairing with the PC, in addition to a good sensor and a sliding that never leave us Shots

Well, the GXT 960 Graphin offers all this and much more thanks to its Advanced Optical Sensor, with an adjustable resolution of 200 to 10,000 ppp, which gives it all the necessary speed, above all, for the most dynamic games.

Thanks to the Ultrabaja friction sliding pads and its zero drag braided cable, this gaming mouse slides gently through any surface, generating a high response to the player, especially when he has the weight of his companions of Equipment on his shoulders and does not want the mouse to frene him.

Thanks to its design, the honeycomb frame makes the weight of only 74 grams, giving a quick response time, which makes you the best ally for any online game. Also, it has a personalized style, thanks to the RGB lighting effects.

The GXT 960 Graphin of Trust has a recommended PVP of € 39.99.

Chair GXT 712 Restro Pro - Feeling insecure is impossible on the throne of the Gamers

Some scares can make us fall from the chair, so do with a good gamer throne, in addition to guaranteeing maximum comfort, is vital to anticipate any accident.

The Gxt 712 Restro Pro Gaming Chair Gather the highest performance of the Trust product catalog, so it is ideal to avoid the always fearsome back pain, as well as any type of injury that the player may have if it is Of those who spend long hours in front of the monitor or screen.

This chair offers great convenience thanks to its adjustable backup, which counts with removable lumbar and cervical cushions, 4D armrests and is capable of supporting up to 150 kilos.

Of Ergonomic design, its padding is high density both in the seat and backup. It is robust because its base is made of metal, but, at the same time, it offers freedom of movements thanks to its 65mm wheels and to your seat, which is completely rotating. Your Appearance is elegant, with vegan skin of polyurethane, golden seams and details with an appearance and suede touch.

The GXT 712 Restro Pro Gaming chair has a recommended PVP of € 399.

Base GXT 1126 Aura - Avoid the heating nightmare of the PC with an exclusive design

high temperatures that can reach our pc is a larger nightmares of any player who is precipated. Without adequate cooling, a processor can exceed 100 º C with ease, a terrible moment in which fear floods completely.

To avoid this overheating, Trust has the cooling base with multicolor lighting GXT 1126 Aura. Thanks to its 200 mm ventilator is able to maintain our refrigerated laptop at the highest moments of the game, so that it guarantees that it always maintains the optimum temperature.

In addition, for the cases in which the departure does not require as many resources to our machine, the GXT 1126 Aura base has a silent mode and an average speed.

This Trust base also facilitates that we adopt a correct body posture to reduce tension in the neck and back, as it is adjusted in 4 different steps, reaching up to 210 mm in height, something ideal to facilitate a posture Ergonomic and a perfect angle of vision.

Trust s GXT 1126 Aura base has a recommended PVP of € 49.99.

GXT headphones 433 PYLO - multiplatform connection so that your screaming is heard up in space

There are situations that scare, and one of them is to go so calm to connect our headphones to a particular device and check that they are not compatible. Terrible!

To avoid this horrible situation, Trust has the GXT 433 PYLO headphones, which have a multiplatform connection that guarantees its operation with all our consoles, tablets and the rest of gadgets that we like so much.

In addition, they offer great comfort, since they are cirmaural, or what is the same, that have a remarkable foam pad covering the entire ear. And all this with a useful adjustable headband, so they also take away the fear of discomfort for long game sessions.

Regarding its sound quality, GXT 433 PELO feature powerful 50 mm speaker units that achieve deep and sharp serious bass, and also incorporate a folding microphone, essential to give Clear indications to the gamemates, and that you can easily mute thanks to your remote control.

TRUST GXT 433 PELO headphones have a recommended PVP of € 49.99.

Gaming Table Gxt 711 Dominus: The best desk that does not fear anything

Finally, do not forget that not having enough space on the desktop can be a real nightmare for the players.

In this sense, the amplitude is not only necessary to allow all accessories to be within reach, but also to promote posture during the game and to improve our performance thanks to an optimal coating.

All these features are located in the GXT 711 Dominus desktop, which stands out for its high-end polyurethane lining. Its surface, finely textured, allows perfect mouse operation.

In addition, the desk, 116 cm, is able to easily house two monitors, which is very useful when consulting game strategies or following the chats on the secondary screen.

The steel frame incorporates an adjustable height foot to offer a perfect ergonomic adjustment, while the rounded front edge allows to place the wrists and forearms ergonomically on the desk.


In addition, this desk includes Support for headphones and vessels, which allows to have the desktop clean and organized at all times, thus avoiding any accidental spill of liquids. Finally, it has Cable Management System to prevent them from attracting the items.

The Gxt 711 Dominus de Trust desktop has a recommended PVP of € 159.95.


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