There is also a kemono! Adult erotic survival RPG s KickStarter start, GTA decision release date announced and [weekly span 10/22]

From October 22, 202 (Fri) to October 28, 2021 (Thursday), from the article released in Game SPARK, we will introduce the top 5 of the article read this week Gem Spa ranking, abbreviation Weekly sparan time. I would like to go for a week, I am also recommended for those who want to know quickly because I am busy!

This week, the service of Nintendo Switch Online for Nintendo Switch Online starts with Nintendo Switch Online + additional pack. Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive Games can be played as much as you like, and it also supports online multiplayer. There are many users who were looking forward to this moment? Let s check that any kind of article was read this week!

5th-Future STEAM Large Sale Schedule Clearly

Valve revealed a large sale schedule scheduled for a large PC game delivery platform Steam on a developer publisher website. The date of each large sale that became revealed this time is Halloween sale: October 28th to November 1, 2021. Autumn Sale: Nov. 24-30, 2021. Winter sale: December 22nd-2022, January 5, 2022. Halloween sale has already started, and many titles centered on horror games have appeared up to 90% off. An event is held in some games, and in the point shop, Halloween theme special profiles and moving avatars, profile backgrounds, etc. are also available.

Future STEAM large sale schedule is clear! The next large sale is Halloween sale from October 28

4th-Up to 64 Multiplayer SCP Horror Free Delivery Start

The facility Site 19 to accommodate and study the existence, goods and places (SCP objects) against the nature law, and escape from the facility under the situation where the anomaly (abnormal existence) escaped due to the violation of the accommodation as a D-class staff Aiming of SCP: Containment Breach Based on Multi-play with up to 64 people, SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer was initiated free of charge at STeam. Game frameworks are as it is, and we aim to achieve each goal. Currently seven SCPs such as SCP-173 (engraving) and SCP-049 (Pest Doctors) are prepared, and overall 30 appears. Also, if you also publish play reports, please see here if you want to know in detail.

Up to 64 Cooperation Multi SCP Horror SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer Free Distribution started in Steam!

3rd place-sexually open world adult survival RPG

Developer Candy Valley Network has launched a KickStarter campaign for Adult Open World Survival RPG Wild Life. The stage of this work is a jungle, waterfall, a fascinating planet Kerpal filled with a steep canyon, a sandy beach. Players will solve the secret of the Planet and the future of the planet and the fall of the future, as a scientist who came to find the environment. More than 100 NPCs appear and have a store mode that attractive scenes deploy, creating your favorite character, and can pursue more than 1000 and more fulfilled body levels that have been animated in detail. And. At Steam, demo version is also released, and it is scheduled to be distributed for Windows.

Sexual and open world adult sensory survival RPG WILD LIFE KickStarter starts!

2nd place Sky Rim se Last sale that can also be played by MOD

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that can be said to be an open world RPG pronoun. The 10th Anniversary Edition and the free update will be refrained on November 11, 2021. Speaking of Skyrim is also famous for Skyrim AE that is newly released this time, but this time, Skyrim Ae that is newly released this time has a big barrier to MOD compatibility It is clear that it can be played in the MOD environment. Although it has already ended, STEAM sales that may be the end of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition will be held until 2 am on October 25th. Currently, it is released at a fixed price of 4,399 yen. If you have already been obtained and you want to play in the MOD environment, don t forget to back up the file before the Skyrim AE launch.

There are only a few goes to Sky Rim AE ! PC version Skyrim Special Edition that can also be used for MODs may be the last STEAM sale at 1,451 yen

1- Grand Ceft Auto: Trilogy: Decision Edition Release Date Announcement

Grand Seef Hauto Auto III Grand Ceft Auto: Vice City Grand-Ceft Auto: San Andreas Remastered Grand Ceft Auto: Trilogy: Detectioned Edition It was announced that the sun will be November 12th, Japan. The definitive edition adds new lighting, upgrading environmental, improving high resolution textures, drawing distance, and adjustment of operability and aim adopting the Grand Ceft Auto V style. In addition, reservation accepting is also started, PC (Rockstar Games Launcher) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch is scheduled to be released at 7,700 yen (tax included).

Compare with the original version Grand Ceft Auto: Trilogy: Detectioned Edition Release Date announcement and reservation start

The most read of this week is Grand Ceft Auto: Trilogy: Decision Edition article! In YouTube, the comparison video with the original version is also released, and it has already recorded nearly 10 million playbacks from a post. Since the Grand Ceft Auto III released, the 20-year-old day is already flowing, but the popularity did not decline internally and abroad.


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