Switch Update 13.1.0 is live now

The paid online service of the Nintendo Switch gets growth and the needs of some preparation. Nintendo released a new system update to version 13.1.0 to prepare for the upcoming expansion package for Nintendo Switch online. Unfortunately, there is not any more innovations away from this.

Update 13.1.0 is for only one purpose

What comes with Update 13.1.0? The update creates the basic requirement for the Nintendo Switch online upgrade. In addition, a well-known suspect fumes: improving system stability, which comes with any system update anyway.

The patch notes of the official Nintendo page can be found in translated form here:

Ver. 13.1.0 (Published on October 25, 2021)

Added support for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. General improvements in system stability to improve the gaming experience.

What must the update prepare? With the expansion package, members of Nintendo Switch online gain the opportunity to access nine N64 games and 14 Sega Mega Drive titles. In addition, the new DLC Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Happy Home Paradise part of the expansion package.

Many players in the community are not justified the price increase of the expansion package. A Nintendo insider already explained that the expensive licenses play a major role, but the price scares many fans from upgrading the Nintendo Switch online membership. Thus, it remains to be seen for how many users the new system update will be relevant.

We have a suitable trailer for the expansion package here for you:

How to load the firmware update

If the update should not start automatically, you can perform the following steps:

Goes to System Settings in the main menu of your console Scroll down down and goes to console Under the menu item System Update you start the download

The prerequisite for this is that you are connected to the internet. Normally you will be notified automatically that the download is available. Follow the instructions that are displayed on the switch to download the update.

Everything worth knowing about the new expansion package of Nintendo Switch Online is here:

Nintendo Switch BIG PROBLEM For New Game Leaks... + Nintendo Switch Online NEW Launch Info!

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That brought Update 13.0.0

The last update had a round quantifier and brought accordingly more innovations than other updates. The version 13.0.0 allows you to couple Bluetooth audio devices with the Nintendo Switch. In addition, the update has prepared for the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch delivered with an improved docking station. All information about the last update can be found in the corresponding system article .

Which functions do you miss at the Nintendo Switch?


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