Switch OLED: Nintendo advises you to remove the protective film

Nintendo Switch (ニ ニ テ テ ド ー スイッチ, Nintendō Suitchi?) Is a videogame console developed by Nintendo. Known in development by its name code «NX», it was announced in October 2016 and was launched worldwide on March 3, 2017. Nintendo considers Switch a hybrid console. It can be used as a desktop console with the main unit inserted into a coupling station to connect it with a TV. Alternatively, it can be extracted from the base and used similarly to a tablet through its LCD touch screen, or placed on a surface thanks to its integrated plastic support, being visible by several players. The switch uses two wireless controllers called JOY-CON, which includes four standard action buttons and a directional joystick, as well as sensors for high-definition touch motion and touch feedback, although they differ on some buttons and additional features. Two joy-with can be connected to each side of the console to be used as a portable console, connect to the Grip accessory provided next to the console for use as a more traditional control, or be used individually in hand as the Wii control, and This way is used with local multiplayer games. You can also use certain wireless and / or wireless controls that does not include the console, adopted as Pro Controller, which include the same characteristics as traditional controls with the exception that this includes NFC detection for Amiibo and HD vibration. Games for this console and other applications are available as Flash ROM physical cartridges and as a digital distribution, and do not use region blockade. The switch competes in the market of the video consoles with its contemporary PlayStation 5 of Microsoft and Xbox Series X | S despite the fact that these two compete with each other. The concept of the switch emerged as a nintendo reaction to several quarters of financial losses in 2014, attributed to the bad sales of its previous console, Wii U, as well as greater competition in the Games Market for mobile devices. Subsequently, the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, prompted the company in the direction of mobile games and the creation of a totally new hardware. The design of the switch is aimed at a wide demographics of videogame players through its multiple modes of use. Nintendo opted to use more standard electronic components, such as a processor based on the TEGRA line of NVIDIA, to make the development of the console easier for programmers and more compatible with existing gaming engines. As the Wii U had difficulty obtaining the support of external studies, leaving it with a weak game library, Nintendo sought the support of many developers and editors to help build the switch games library along with Nintendo s own titles, including many independent videogame studies. Before the launch, Nintendo had announced that more than 100 titles were developing by 70 developers. Nintendo sold more than 2.74 million units of the console in its first month of being on sale, overcoming the initial projection of 2 million units that made the company, and becoming the desktop console that has been sold faster of its history. The sales of the switch were well linked to those of the acclaimed video game by the critical The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was put on sale on the same day as the console around the world. On September 20, 2019, a revised version of Nintendo Switch was launched, maintaining the size of the old version and with a longer battery life. This thanks to a new rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 13.6 WH (watts-hour), while the first version was 16 WH.

For a few days, the Nintendo Switch OLED is in the trade and if you are one of the happy buyers, you certainly have fun with the larger, improved screen and the chic, white joy-cons. You should also noticed that the screen of the console is already covered with a foil.

This is a Nintendo new-developed anti-scattering protector and you please do it on the screen! Because in contrast to the old Nintendo Switch (Buy Now 379,26 €), the screen of the OLED model consists of glass and not of plastic and is thus slightly fragile. If you drop your brand new console, prevents the protective film that the glass is distributed in all directions and should prevent injury.

Nintendos Please: Let the protective film on the Switch OLED

To answer any ambiguity, IGN Nintendo asked for a direct statement regarding the new protective film. Nintendo came to the request, explained that players should please the protective film on the screen and also refer to the enclosed usage guidelines:

As indicated on page 2 of the Nintendo Switch OLED Health and Safety Information and Usage Guidelines (included in the Box along with the system), please do not pull the displeasing anti-scattering protector from the OLED screen of the console.

Should You Remove the Plastic Film on the Switch OLED Screen? The question of whether players can blee an extra protective film on their console, answered: Nintendo sells an official OLED model screen protection that fits on the new screen, so yes, you can use one. If you already exist? So do not go enough and you want to make it twice as possible, you can get extra protection at any time. Whether the improved version of the switch is worthwhile, we reveal you in our detailed test.

Incidentally, Metroid Dread appeared at the same time with the Nintendo Switch OLED on Friday. The latest adventure of the intrepid bounty hunter Samus Aran expresses all buttons that must press a Metroidvania and is therefore a successful trip to the expanses of space. You will find our test for the game here.

Source: IGN

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