Switch does not need a new model more powerful, according to an interactive designer (The Witcher 3, Crysis, World War Z)

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Know Interactive is one of the studies outside Nintendo who have best been able to take advantage of switch s power. They are worldwide known for having performed the almost impossible port of The Witcher 3 in Switch , perhaps more because of this than its original games.

And is that knowing, with divisions around the world, including Spain, but centralized offices in Florida, have alternated own games with adaptations from third studies for all platforms.

One of your best-known games is World War Z , game of cooperative zombies based on the novel by Max Brooks and the Peli de Paramount, which came out in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and that 2 November will receive a version for switch .

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In an interview for Nintendo Everything, the chief designer of the Port for Switch of World War Z, Dmitry Grigorenko , explains that taking this game to Switch has been his biggest challenge, but he does not believe that Switch needs a more powerful version, And that there is no impossible port.

Logical, it would be that there was a better hardware with fewer limitations, but I do not think Switch needs a more powerful redesign so desperately , he explains when asked about him about him about a possible new model of more powerful switch .

Abser and other skilled studies have shown that there is no something like an impossible port. Nintendo consoles have never stood out for the hardware, but had always enhanced your game experience, and I am looking forward to see what they do next.

Grigorenko also explains that things are not as simple as they appear. Sometimes in the videogame industry, things that seem incredibly complex from outside are actually simple to implement in development. It is usually the reverse, the simplest things can take an immense amount of time and work .

He also believes that each game that they have launched in Switch takes the hardware even further than the previous one, and hope that their next projects stand out more .

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At the moment, they are doing the switch port of Kingdom Come Deliverance , and they just removed the trilogy Crysis Remastered (from which they have dealt for all versions, not only switch).

Nintendo categorically denies all the rumors of Switch Pro , but they have just launched Nintendo Switch Oled . It is not more powerful, but on its OLED screen you see much better games ... although it will be better than the protects, because it suspends the durability test.


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