Pokémon collecting card game brings fan

The latest expansion of the Pokémon collecting card game Sword & Shield fusion attack will be released worldwide on 12 November 2021. We may praise you in advance two exclusive preview cards from the new set, including a new version of the well-known fan favorite MEW.

The expansion sword & shield fusion attack presents a new combat style game mechanics, the naming fusion attack style. It is all about teamwork, because the more Pokémon of the same fighting style is in the game, the more powerful bonuses you receive. Fusion attacks are not only limited to Pokémon, but can also be found on trainer and special cards.

Overall, the following content is expected to be in Sword & Shield Fusion attack:

20 Pokémon-V and 13 full screen Pokémon-V 8 Pokémon-Vmax 20 Trainer Cards and 7 full-screen supporters 1 special energy card

Exclusive previewing cards: Mew V and Maik & Benny & Colin

In order to enable you a detailed insight into the upcoming enlargement, we may exclusively introduce you two cards of the new set.

The mysterious Pokémon Mew returns as a Pokémon V to open up your game! His Attack Energy Mix allows you to seek any energy card and attach you to any of your merger attack Pokémon, while Psycho jump conjures it so mysteriously back into your deck, as it came!

Maik, Benny and Colin truly embark the power of merger, because the three arenal ladders do themselves together to look for three merger attack Pokémon and take them directly to your hand! Find the right Pokémon to spice up your fighting!

4 EPICS BETTER THAN THE FUSION? | Raid: Shadow Legends To the new extension already before 12 . November 2021 to play, you can grab the Build & Battle Box from schwert & Shield - Fusion attack.

This is available from October 30th at all participating Pokémon collecting card players and contains four Boosterpacks of schwert & Shield - Fusion attack, a 23-card development pack with key cards from current and previous extensions and a deck assembly instructions. We wish a lot of fun with the cover construction!


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