Nintendo Switch OLED: Defines the scratch test

After years of rumors and assumptions, Nintendo published this month about four and a half years after release of the original Switch model actually a new and improved variant of the handheld console: the Nintendo Switch OLED . The premium variant of the switch has convinced us in the detailed test quite well - but with smears. However, the OLED model is also accompanied by all sorts of problems, such as the screen technology used for the usual screening of pixels. Now the curing test shows another weakness of the new switch: The display fails in the scratch test \ - already key or coins can damage the sensitive panel irrevocably. But there is a simple way to counteract it.

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The screen is scratched so easily!

A video of popular Youtubers Jerry Verything shows the vulnerability of the Switch OLED. Only 3 out of 10 points on the Mohs hardness scale reaches the panel - on the same value also come the normal switch as well as the smaller switch Lite. This means that, for example, keys or coins can be irrevocably scratched the display of the switch OLED. If you transport the console in a bag or backpack, you should never stow them without further protection as a case or a small bag.

How can you protect your new switch?

Although a protective film is already preinstalled on the Switch OLED, which should not remove it at all! However, this is for the purpose of preventing a splitter of the display glass, it should come to a break of the panel. In order to protect the sensitive display effectively from scratches, your should additionally install a hard glass screen protector , which are offered cheap from numerous manufacturers.

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Can you trust the Youtuber?

JERRYRIGERGING is a well-known Youtuber with years of technology experience. For example, the legendary Bendgate of the iPhone 6 was significantly revealed by Jerry at the time. Therefore, you can trust his expertise in the scratch test of the Nintendo Switch (now € 355.90) ​​OLED.

Source: Ntower / YouTube

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