Camille Set 6 TFT: Spells, Objects, Origins and Synergies

Camille is present in the TFT set 6, madgets in madness. Find here all the info about it, his fate, his statistics and synergies, but also his advised objects and some ideas of compositions.

Camille Set 6 TFT - Stats, Objects and Synergies

Cost : 1 (1/3/9)

PV 700/1260/2268 Attack speed 0.6

ad 55/99/178 Armor 40

Scope 1 hexagon Magic resistance 40

Recommended objects

comes from Camille

Tactical sweep Actif | Mana: 0/50

Camille wins an absorbing shield of damage for 4 seconds, then sweeps with his leg, inflicting magic damage in a cone in front of her.

Damage: 150 / 200/300 Shield: 300 / 400/600



Challengers have an increased attack speed. By managing elimination, the challengers are rushing on a new target, and double this bonus for 2.5 seconds. (2) 30% Attack speed (4) 70% attack speed (6) 125% Attack Speed (8) 2005% attack speed


All routes have an increased attack speed and earn the speed of attack for each hextech optimization you have. (2) 20% attack speed, + 7% by increase (4) 40% attack speed, + 15% by increase (6) 70% Attack speed, + 25% per increase

Compositions for Camille at set 6 of TFT

no composition with Camille is for the moment available, come back later!

Follow the link to know everything about the TFT set 6. Find all the new champions present in Gadgets in madness, the new origins as well as the unpublished mechanics.

You will also find Tier List with the best compositions at TFT Set 6.


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