Bridge of Spirits Tips - How To Ascend a Level And All Ability

Similar to the improvement of one s own health, the levels in Kena: Bridge of Spirits not just about defeating enemies and gain experience. Instead, Kena rises by finding different red ghosts. These are obtained by removing corruption from chests, explore the environment and defeat bosses. The dualsense begins to vibrate when a red is nearby, so take care. Kena also has a mask that can see the footprints of the red and narrows so where they could hide. Also look for pink luminous objects in the area as this could be red.

Red Level 1 requires only five red, but over time, the requirements become much higher. Red Level 2 requires 15 red; Rotting stage 3 requires 35; Descent level 4 requires 65; and red-level 5, the maximum requires 100. When you rise in the level, Kena will be available to new skills and upgrades, including four powerful red actions (three of them can modify core skills. These can be activated as soon as they have enough Karma: Increasing your own level also makes it possible to use more red actions in combat.

Let s take a look at all the different skills and upgrades that Kena can get during your trip. First, there is melee upgrades. Kena can use light and heavy attacks and charging your heavy attack unleashes a mighty charged attack. Upgrades for these include the following:

Light attack sprint - press light attack while you sprinkle to run a sweep. Sprint Attack Heavy - press Heavy Attack sprint to unleash a strong overhead stroke (requires the unlocking of Sprint Light Attack). Air Slam - Pressing a heavy attack when jumping unleashes a powerful slam from the air (requires Sprint Attack Heavy).

Squid Game in BeamNG Drive. ???? Cars vs Red Light Green Light game episode 1 Perfect cargo - hold a heavy attack and let it go at the right time to unleash a charged attack that causes tons of damage (requires Red-Level 3). Red Hammer (Red Action) - Use Red Action while keeping a serious attack. This creates a Rothammer, which can harm opponents. You do not even have to be near a enemy to cause damage.

Next there is the sign. If you hold down the Pulse button, Kena blocks all attacks. When tapping it before the attack of a enemy lands, it will be parrised and allows a counterattack. View all upgrades below:

Parry Counter - After parry, press Light Attack to perform a counterattack. Shield Health Plus - Increases the health of Shield. Parry courage - When you parry an attack, you will receive a free red action (requires red-level 3 and Shied Health Plus). Shield Health ++ - Increases the health of Shield (requires Red Level 4 and Parry Courage). Enter the Fray - when entering a battle, a red action is immediately available.

Kenas rod can turn into a ghosted sheet to attack enemies from afar and solve puzzles. There is a limit on how often you can fire before the sheet needs to be recharged. Here are the different upgrades:

Focus - slow down the time after you capture an enemy and pulled the bow. Tinden Multishot - when an enemy is tied up and shot down, the arrow adds nearby opposite damage (requires focus to be unlocked). Increased quiver - Shoot a maximum of five arrows before charging. Increased quiver ++ - Shoot a maximum of six arrows before charging the bow (requires red level 3 and elevated quiver). Red arrow (red action) - press ACTION when pulling the bow. This creates an arrow that is penetrated by the force of a rot, which can cause greater damage and pierce enemies.

After completing Torros Quest and gone to the warehouse, learn the technique of ghost bomb. No, that s not quite as with the Dragon Ball Z technique. This can be used to float special stones for a moment, which is useful for solving puzzles. Of course, there may be damage to surrounding enemies. Let s take a look at the upgrades here:

Quick Driver - When Kena fires the ghost bomb before being detonated, the explosion s damage is increased. This is easy to execute if you have unlocked the focus and slow down the time when pulling the bow. Multi-bomb - simultaneously create two ghost bombs. Descent bomb (rotting action) - Keep a ghost bomb and then press the rotting action to fill it with the power of rotting. In the detonation, the explosion slows not only opponents nearby, but also all projectiles.

Another technique to be observed is Spirit Dash, which is last unlocked and has no upgrades. It makes it possible to stun in struggle and enemies, as well as overcome barriers and venture into the ghostly. Certain ghosts can only be defeated if they first hit the ghost stroke.

More tips and tricks can be found here. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is currently available for PS4, PS5 and PC - Read our official test for more details here.


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