Before playing Metroid Dread, 7 tips to start with a good foot in the new success of Nintendo

The last delivery of the Saga Metroid has been made to beg, have had to pass 19 years from Metroid Fusion for the expected continuation, and the result has not been more satisfactory, with a Master Metroid that is undoubtedly found Among the best in 2D . The game has not only been a success in criticism, it has also managed to beat records for the franchise in the United Kingdom and in Japan, even reckoning the sales of the previous Games of the Saga.

Basic notions to start with Metroid Dread Metroid Dread arrived in Nintendo Switch on October 8 accompanying Nintendo Switch Oled, the new console of the Nintendo Switch family that stands out for its fantastic 7-inch OLED screen. But if you have not yet put with him or you are still somewhat lost in his first compass, we wanted to bring a series of advice and recommendations so that the journey of Samus be easier.

Game Masters - Metroid Fusion

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Although we already have Speedrunners ending the game in less than 2 hours, for all those who do not have superpowers, the game can be difficult In many moments and we can even see us lost or stuck , that s why We want to give you some tips so that you have basic notions about what you are going to find and how to start facing the challenges of your adventure.

For when you are already involved in matters, remember that you have available our Metroid Dread guide, where you will find the location of all the collections of the game.


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