Among US: The Cult title appears for PS4 & PS5 - the release date is

One of the most popular multiplayer titles is Among US from HomeLoth, which has been published in recent years for the PC, mobile platforms and Nintendos Switch.

After the responsible developers of InnerSloth recently granted that the implementations for the PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation 5 still require a little more development time, the porting for Sony s console today has finally donated a final release date. As announced on the official PlayStation Blog, Among Us will be available from 14 December 2021 for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5.

exposes the scammers - or will be one of them

In Among US , the success of your team depends on how well your people can assess. You think you know who the highplowers are? Can you detect you before you kill you? Maybe you will also falsely throw from the next airlock into space. In the universe, no one can save you - good luck in finding out the truth, says the official description of the multiplayer hits.

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In the online multiplayer of Among US , between four and 15 players can compete against each other and try to uncover the scammers among them. Since the title of InnerSloth supports the CrossSplay feature, you can also compete against Among us player, which are on other platforms such as the PC or the Switch. Finally, the developers used today s announcement to thank the community support.

The entire Innersloth team would like to thank you all for your support - whether you have bought the game many years ago or just thinking about it. At any rate we are glad that you stand behind us. One year ago, our team was still out of three people and our game has gained a lot of attention by chance, but we could not be grateful, says Innshloth.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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